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I remember when Ari passed away, coming to this website and thanking this community for all they had done for our family. I come here again to say THANK YOU. Mitch passed away on Wednesday, he and Ari + 378 more characters
Mitch and I are so deeply humbled and honored by all that this community is doing for us. We live here because it is a wonderful place to raise children, with wonderful teachers, coaches and mentors. + 890 more characters
My son goes to school in Kinsey and wrestles on the Washington Middle School team. They have been more than accommodating!
Robert Nalewaja will be wrestling at the 145 weight class for the Montana State A wrestling championship at 5:00 tonight. He was also the Divisional champ, Good Luck Robert!!! David Dey, David Preller + 342 more characters
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I completely agree and the awesome part is that it happens everyday in this community, not just during the holiday season.
I grew up with April in Malta. She was always at the swimming pool and was an amazing swimmer. She is a great lady and awesome Mom. Miles City is lucky to have her managing this summer.
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