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The primary driver for demand is power plants. Due to EPA rules power plants that burned coal can no longer meet emissions standards quite often so they are converting to natural gas. So now you get t + 228 more characters
The courts can do it via video as far as showing up for court. So there won't be a need for back and forth to the courthouse very often. This town does need a jail. But not 7.5 million worth. The one + 167 more characters
So this proves what? That these guys lean the opposite of fox news. Great but the oil market is not just in the U.S.A. Gas is cheap here. Try buying gas in France. Blaming high gas prices on George B + 979 more characters
the 24 hour fitness is about the best bet of the ideas so far. there is no one to compete with, there is a want and a need. the start up costs could be fairly high. you need an building with good park + 496 more characters
yada yada yada who cares what this guy said? its not a political or religious issue. its an earthquake. pray for those that are there, pray for those that are helping, pray for our friends there, as + 81 more characters
DYNAMITE WORKS EVERY TIME! for a funny check out Jerry Clowers fishing with claude ledbetter
fill your hands you sons ah bitches!!!!
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