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Mariona passed away several years ago.As to Lyle's wild stories,he always claimed he backed Jessie Ventura[aka Minnesota governor,aka Jessie the Body pro wrestler]with a pistol out at the bar when Jes + 293 more characters
Wild Horse Lyle also had a "R" rated version of The Strawberry Roan that he played and sang.It was hilarious-after the Strawberry Roan kept bucking a cowboy off and tried to hurt the guy,he attempted + 31 more characters
Well I occasionally post on this site.I don't consider myself a liberal.I am a believer but don't attempt to push my views on others.I also expect the same courtesy from others.I do,however believe in + 177 more characters
#20. Self proclaimed supporters of the military that have no problem when their hero,DT [a man who never served a minute in the military]says of John McCain" I like people who weren't captured"
02/03/1959 Buddy Holly,Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper RIP
I remember Robin Williams doing a skit as Lawrence Welk...[In LW's North Dakota brogue]..."Get down and get funky..we gots some baad mo f..kers in da band tonight!Bobby and Susie gonna do da disco and + 59 more characters
pawn shop
Ohhh the Crossroads.Start out with a killer relish tray that had great pickled herring.Then came a small pasta dish,followed by the fantastic prime rib.I always sprung for the extra large portion,name + 29 more characters
The Bucks won their first national title in around 50 years last night. Not that much of a NBA fan but I have some real good friends in or around the Brew City that are pretty happy[and probably prett + 143 more characters
The only thing I represent are my own personal views and yes,I live in Miles City. As far as actually representing Miles City,the people who were elected that were sent to Helena recently....they did + 135 more characters
I remember a grocery store on 7th when I was a youngster.I think it was called Sawyers.Pretty sure Beacon Carter Tire Store was there after it closed.[Just south of the tracks on the west side] I also + 131 more characters
If memory serves me right,Montana had not one but two leading national news issues in spring of '96-Unabomber and Jordan Freeman standoff.
When I got my second covid shot,I jokingly asked the nurse "Is this the shot that has the microchip tracker in it or was it the first one?" She laughed and said 'I don't know how they would track anyo + 86 more characters
Something else about our water department that I think is absolute bs-they charge an additional $6.00 if you pay your bill via credit card.
"Fled Cruz"'s new song...I like pina coladas...and gettin' caught on a plane.....
Man,the Halftime Show REALLY stunk....
My God Jerry.Please stop.I am embarrassed for you.
Come on Jerry E.....Yes or No.....
Posted by Rob Shipley (+446) 5 hours ago "Way more than 75,000,000 Americans are way, way, way, way, way pissed off. Could Biden be next? Something to think about." Why exactly Mr. Shipley are all th + 1230 more characters
I've tried asking Trumpsters this simple question.If Obama or a Clinton would have said "I like people who weren't captured[referring to John McCain]... or told the nation that the pandemic wasn't any + 208 more characters
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