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If memory serves me right,Montana had not one but two leading national news issues in spring of '96-Unabomber and Jordan Freeman standoff.
When I got my second covid shot,I jokingly asked the nurse "Is this the shot that has the microchip tracker in it or was it the first one?" She laughed and said 'I don't know how they would track anyo + 86 more characters
Something else about our water department that I think is absolute bs-they charge an additional $6.00 if you pay your bill via credit card.
"Fled Cruz"'s new song...I like pina coladas...and gettin' caught on a plane.....
Man,the Halftime Show REALLY stunk....
My God Jerry.Please stop.I am embarrassed for you.
Come on Jerry E.....Yes or No.....
Posted by Rob Shipley (+446) 5 hours ago "Way more than 75,000,000 Americans are way, way, way, way, way pissed off. Could Biden be next? Something to think about." Why exactly Mr. Shipley are all th + 1230 more characters
I've tried asking Trumpsters this simple question.If Obama or a Clinton would have said "I like people who weren't captured[referring to John McCain]... or told the nation that the pandemic wasn't any + 208 more characters
I used to hope and pray for regaining civility in our government.....But when Trumps bitch Moscow Mitch wouldnt even allow Obama to put up a US supreme court Judge candidate for a year...but ram rodde + 134 more characters
I have no problem with rich folk sending their kids to private schools,providing they pay for everything.Robbing public education funds[already underfunded]to "help" the privleged is wrong. Before any + 419 more characters
What exactly do you you mean when you talk about people trying to take away our religious freedom JerryE?The constitution talks about freedom of religion-to me that means any and all religions.I am a + 189 more characters
If you're looking to rile folks up,it's not working with me.I'm actually fairly amused.There is no way a rational person would brag about the current economy.Anybody can google "current US economy"... + 65 more characters
Well I live in MC and I couldn't and wouldn't vote for Trump....Especially after four years of him.I guess that makes me a "libtard" in your eyes Sir.I don't consider myself a liberal.I support the se + 857 more characters
cowboys 55,havre 12 last night
"creating a panic throughout the country[which they're doing with the covid virus" I dont think anybody has had to create a panic about Covid-19..the virus is doing a pretty good job of that on its ow + 598 more characters
That would indicate the tractor pull is also cancelled. I went to the fair last year for the first time in years.I was disappointed in the number of entries[crafts,artwork,garden produce,etc.]I realiz + 277 more characters
I'm with Tom-What did Obama do that you think was treasonous?
Charlie Daniels died this morning.I didn't agree much with his politics but man the guy could fiddle.One of my long gone Vietnam vet buddies always said that "Still in Saigon" was his favorite 'Nam so + 18 more characters
If you want to talk about perverted,just check out some of the quotes the Don has made about his own daughter.Even my best Trump junky friend had to admit it was a bit "unsettling"....Creepy Don T + 31 more characters
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