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"creating a panic throughout the country[which they're doing with the covid virus" I dont think anybody has had to create a panic about Covid-19..the virus is doing a pretty good job of that on its ow + 598 more characters
That would indicate the tractor pull is also cancelled. I went to the fair last year for the first time in years.I was disappointed in the number of entries[crafts,artwork,garden produce,etc.]I realiz + 277 more characters
I'm with Tom-What did Obama do that you think was treasonous?
Charlie Daniels died this morning.I didn't agree much with his politics but man the guy could fiddle.One of my long gone Vietnam vet buddies always said that "Still in Saigon" was his favorite 'Nam so + 18 more characters
If you want to talk about perverted,just check out some of the quotes the Don has made about his own daughter.Even my best Trump junky friend had to admit it was a bit "unsettling"....Creepy Don T + 31 more characters
What is the proper protocal when a person comes up positive for Covid-19? I suppose the health officials have the infected person list everyone that they have been in close proximity with so they can + 474 more characters
Theres an old video of Trump years ago being interviewed by Tim Russert[maybe Meet The Press?] He says he is most definitely Pro choice.Now I realize everybodys allowed to change their mind but.....Di + 172 more characters
An old boy that survived the Great Depression told me that where he grew up,the people who bad mouthed FDR the most were the first people in line for relief.
Open gambling and prostitution? I WAS born a decade too late......
I have been told there is another Main street cruise tonight.Someone said it's from 7:30 to 8:30 and that there will be a place by the oasis to donate to the food bank.I also was told there's a livest + 230 more characters
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Looks like one of them hatched.The baby looked fine.
Since I can't be accused of going off topic[well I didn't start it anyway],I must say I wish I had a dollar for everytime in the old days I heard "party at Blade's"
I thought Meged might be the only World Champion from Miles City besides Loyd Ketchum,who won the world bullfighting championship in 1991,when it was still an annual competition.Come to find out there + 127 more characters
After 7 rounds Haven is #1 in the average and fourth in the world.Three more rounds left...Best luck Mr. Meged !!
When I think back to previous Presidents,I'm almost embarrassed by the fact that I bashed pop and son Bush.Yes I disagreed with most of their policies and a lot of their actions,but they were civil an + 456 more characters
First the Bean Bag for movie treats,then hit the A&W for a mama burger,fries and a large frosty mug of root beer.Then head out to the drive-in....
Oh yes the Good Old Days of the Gaslite.....shiny vinyl Kustom speakers and amps.....and "Smoke on the Water" every set....Barb with her aerosal mace....full on most nights,packed on weekends.....
To the organizers and people behind last week's Moe Bandy concert: Thank you! Everyone that I know that also attended the concert really liked the show.I think the acoustics were excellent and the mus + 380 more characters
One of the hold ups is the White House's refusal to honor any of the Democrats subpoenas.Not surprising since King Donald obviously thinks he is above any and all law.
Jacks Body Shop. Dave will fix you right up.
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