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"I didn't need to declare an emergency for the wall,I coulda built it slower,I just wanna get it done" If the dumbass didn't need to declare an emergency,he probably shouldnt have. Whatta dweeb.
I forecasted a Stinky Sunday,but that mighta been the Sewer Bowl.The halftime show was beyond pathetic IMO,but then again I'm an old fart....
The whole thing has a bit of stink to it.IMO the Saints should be playing,not the Rams.That non PI call was absolutely horrible.I keep hearing about the "human factor" from Rams fans defending the ref + 379 more characters
Dang it Gunnar,that bar joke was great.
JL was a good man.Kind of sad that the last years of his life his opinions were so far out there and would dominate any conversation I would attempt.Some times I would listen,some times I would dodge + 89 more characters
Makes me wanna go out and buy a PS4.......
Well in Trump's case,I would have to go with something else...My bet would be "Putin Poison"....comes from having his head so far up Putin's ass... [Edited by TheDude (12/27/2018 3:00:25 PM)]
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You know the Trumpeteers will blame the impending Democratic controlled House for the stock market tumble......
The Rake News keeps on comin'.....
Rake America great again.........
Chump Junior didn't help the cause by calling Tester 'A piece of garbage" either.
Congradulations Mark!
Any results available yet?
The bar business is definitely not near as lucrative as it once was.Stricter enforcement of DUI laws[not saying that is a bad thing]along with the no smoking law have more people drinking at home thes + 7 more characters
Have been a Dodger fan for decades and will be cheering them on,but I'm afraid of those do they look tough....
Yes I did watch the debate last night.Only reinforced my opinion that I would rather have a judge that had law enforcement ties AND experience in the public sector.
I like the fact that Mark Hilderbrand has worked in law enforcement AND retail.I think that a person that has interacted with all kinds of people would make a better and more impartial justice of the + 43 more characters
Agreed.Never again.Slow speed internet,plus they almost doubled the cost within a few months.
For the last year or so I have been receiving phone calls on my cell phone.When I check the caller ID,it comes up as a Montana number.When I answer,it is a recorded message telling me that this is my + 1113 more characters
"best president of the United states in history?" Better than Lincoln,Washington and FDR? ....Wow....Yes,the economy has improved since chump took office.Don't think it quite stacks up to leading us o + 83 more characters
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