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In 1921 at least, it was the Yellowstone Ice Company who was harvesting for the NP. They may have also harvested for local consumption but that wasn't mentioned in the Star articles.
Yellowstone Ice company and Miles City were NOT the same. I just mentioned both of them in the 1922 Stardust. One was cutting ice for the NP and the other was cutting in different location for local u + 3 more characters
I'm thinking Krause gun repair but that may be wrong. I'd have to dig a bit.
And Fort Keogh had a heliograph AND the first telephones in eastern Montana. Gen. Miles LOVED technology.
I know I have done at least one history column on the subject. The murderer was insane and ended up in Deer Lodge. They called him Turkey Pete. One of his relatives was writing a book about him. Weird + 23 more characters
If they insist on keeping it, make it the original filibuster where they had to keep talking rather than just send an email notification.
Rain. Actual RAIN. I can hear it on my steel roof and there are puddles -- actual PUDDLES -- in the garden spot. YAY.
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
That's what crooks always do. Accuse the other side of the crimes they are committing to get a head start.
If you are selfish and ignorant, you skip vaccine and masking. If you care about other people and are educated, you get the vaccine and wear a mask. It really is that simple.
There was a line at Albertson's yesterday for COVID shots. So yay that. Steve was going to get his flu shot but waited. I know there was a death from COVID in Miles City today and Billings Clinic is c + 78 more characters
I am now working at the high school as an aide. Man, those stairs are a lot tougher to climb than they were in the 1970s. Maybe gravity has increased or something.
WOW! Those are great. The photos are all out at the Range Riders Museum now. I love the shot of the crazy sign. I remember it well.
They hope to turn into a triplex. It is sad but it is the only economic way to run the place. When new movies come out and you have to agree to run them for a minimum of three weeks, that means, in Mi + 431 more characters
I know I wrote a history column on Gen.Miles and the heliograph but I can't find it right now. Just got off work and mind is mush. But, yes, it's a true story. Google Heliograph. Nelson A. loved that + 6 more characters
The state tourist board had "Custer Country" as one of the seven regions they promoted. After years of confusion, they changed it to "Southeast Montana."
There are lots of Custer counties. But none of that is likely to change. Too many signs and piles of envelopes are already around.
They are doing fabulous things! Much of the dead lettuce carpet is gone and the original terrazzo is exposed, as well as the original staircase to the lounge level. I am SO EXCITED! I want to be back + 161 more characters
The old white bigots who die in order to prove their loyalty to their stupidity I don't care about. The innocents who are too young or immunocompromised, I feel for. Have you ever wondered about the F + 76 more characters
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Everybody in Miles City is in mourning. We are devastated. This has never happened before.
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