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Marrying someone just before they died wasn't uncommon back in the good old days. I can think of at least two other examples in early Miles City history, medical care being what it was.
The Star didn't come into existence until 1911 but I found the weekly Independent and in the Wednesday, October 14, 1908 edition, on the last page, found this: Death of Mrs. Gus Tingwall Miss Bessie + 726 more characters
Ancient technology is being replaced by modern technology. It's how the world works.
We all knew McConnell only meant when a Democrat is president. The Constitution is to be circumvented when a Democrat is president. The Constitution means nothing to the modern GOP.
The so-called "pro-life" folks -- who usually only care about a fetus, nothing else including the life of the mother -- are unaware that the abortion rate has been falling steadily for years, mostly b + 129 more characters
Can you just imagine the horror McConnell is going to ram through the Senate? He'll have some unqualified incompetent seated by the end of next week.
I am sorry but our resident Nazi who pretends he isn't a Nazi cracks me up. I see his name and know I am in for a chuckle.
Science does not depend on belief. A lot of tRumpettes and similar idiots do not understand that. You can say you no longer believe in gravity but if you jump off a tall building, you will go SPLAT no + 41 more characters
Thanks for reminding me! I have been busy with school but have to get to the Star in the next week or so and will TRY to remember to check.
A school age child was tested and found to be positive. Second or third grader. Great. Can we get the kids to wear masks? Nope.
1) racism 2) too embarrassed to admit to being conned 3) racism.
Byron Vreeland designed my house, the last center pavilion design building he designed still standing in Miles City. A few years ago I got a phone call from Byron Vreeland. Turned out to be a great-gr + 28 more characters
Miles City Daily Star, Friday, September 9, 1995: Berl Stallard of Miles City had a hole-in-one at the Town and Country Club when he used a three-wood on the 139-yard par three third hole. The golfin + 44 more characters
Since I actually have a job, I can't go to the meeting but I submitted a letter that was clearly in favor of mail-in voting if only to save money. How come Republicans are all about cut the budget and + 30 more characters
Republicans are all for local control unless locals do something Republicans don't like.
Some KKKristian group is raising money, too. Apparently cold-blooded murder is now an acceptable pastime amongst the religious right.
So, is the Mom who bought the weapon specifically designed to kill people for her underage son and drove said son across state lines so he could kill people, also to be charged? I hope he is locked up + 143 more characters
I am voting for Kathleen Williams happily. Matt Rosendale is a typical Republican carpetbagger.
They aren't even competent crooks. They all get caught and convicted.
The Qanon "theories" I have seen are so unbelievably dumb I can't imagine anyone dumb enough to believe them but if the last four years have showed us, there is a great deal of dumb walking around thi + 10 more characters
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