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Do you have a copy of Rev. Fitz's remarks from somewhere? I'd love to see them.
Just as odd note from 1944: A joint meeting of the teachers of the city schools, the State Industrial School, and the college and high school was held in the activity room of Custer county high school + 337 more characters
Our mail was delivered at the house as usual. Maybe it was a pre-emptive announcement and then the weather turned out to be milder than expected.
I was interested that only Fort Keogh and Fort Apache had complete records. Maybe because they stayed in army hands longer.
Damn. That is some quality crazy!!
The elder James Masterson was a close friend of my grandparents and parents and I remember him from my childhood. We have a number of his paintings in my family, including one he painted specifically + 14 more characters
Was he related to James Masterson?
I have said this for years and always say climate change. Because so many people are stupid.
Want a brief history of the sales tax in Montana. Crash. Burn.
Because those babies are brown, damnit, and many of us are just as racist now as we were 150 years ago. Or 100 years ago. Or 50 years ago.
Fellow is coming first weekend in October to visit the area where his grandparents homesteaded. I don't know much about the area around Angela. Can anyone here recommend a resource?
There was the Montana Institute, a strictly business school, in the space above what is now the Miles City Saddlery. ETA: Custer County Junior College was founded in 1939. [Edited by Amorette Allison + 24 more characters
Actually, I found the letters from the Historical Society to my mother about the William H. Bartley papers so they have lots of stuff already. Grandpa was head of customs for Montana for a number of y + 368 more characters
NOT the current ones, folks. I'm digging through my grandfather's old papers and have a stack of letters signed by Burton K. Wheeler and James Murray. People used to actually TYPE letters and sign the + 515 more characters
Amonyous. Amononmous. Ammyonemous.
I wonder this, too. Republicans used to be loyal to their country and support the Constitution and considered Russia the enemy. Remember "Better Dead than Red." Now all they care about is bigotry and + 167 more characters
I keep forgetting about this! I must remember to visit you soon.
Welcome back. Just in time for smoke season.
Am I the only one who finds the name of Joe Heretick morbidly amusing?
I was going to say this. My younger brother swears by it. However, there is often a wait. He goes at least an hour early on Saturday before she even opens.
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