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Have never heard good things about Century Link. MidRivers ain't perfect but if you need help, you can get through to them.
Republiecans like to welsh on their debts. Look at the Orange One. He never paid a debt.
All about supporting the CONSTITUTION, says the arch conservatives. We love the CONSTITUTION. Of course, we consider the state one a socialist rag and want to tear it up and consider the national one + 159 more characters
Yes, Biden had classified documents. When they were found, the National Archives was immediately contacted. IMMEDIATELY. Biden didn't lie about them, didn't claim he "declassified" them telepathically + 488 more characters
When Rodentdale nominated the other guy in round nine today, I was amused to see his Baltimahr accent is back full on. Must be being back in his home country. He also said "American people" a LOT and + 209 more characters
No governance. Just wasting tax dollars on vengance.
I saw a mayonnaise coating once and went nope. Stick to butter.
With that supermajority, I imagine the GOP will try to get rid of our Constitution and all the rights it provides.
There were a few small victories in Miles City. Linda Corbett won Clerk and Recorder over some strange character who seemed to be making up excuses to run because we all suspected she was an election + 177 more characters
Smaller government unless it has to do with private parts. Then they want to see every detail.
At least Linda Corbett won. Small victory but I'll take it. I knew otherwise we were doomed.
It's simple. Repugnicans tell foul lies in an effort to trick you into letting them take away your rights. Voting rights. Right to bodily autonomy. Rights to marry and live as you wish. Democrats tell + 35 more characters
I assume the opposition is an election denier and hates people voting.
I am wondering if they will sell off what assets there are or actually invest in it and hire a few people. If they do the latter, I'll ask for my first raise since I started doing Stardust 23 years ag + 2 more characters
Steve "Gross" Bannon is in trouble for ignoring that subpoena. Poor boo.
I have to admit, the telepathy thing really caught me by surprise. I didn't think tRump could generate enough brain waves to think, let alone telepathically declassify documents.
Neither child stayed in Miles City. The local Presbyterian Church, of which he was the pastor for many years, might be interested. Not sure who the minister is these days but you could contact them.
I don't mind growing older but it bothers me that everyone else grows older, too. My deepest sympathy.
Always blame Gunnar. It was probably too many bottles of his award-winning beer.
Ales, porters, pilsners, lagers and stouts are just a few of the types of beer brewers are making at home. With microbreweries and specialty beers a fad and sweeping the nation, a beer category has be + 305 more characters
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