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MAGAtts know they are being lied to. They don't care. They just want to hate and fear something and blame something and the MAGA lets them do just that.
My deepest sympathy to all his friends and families. He was a great guy.
We're here but we are outnumbered by MAGA nuts for sure.
THANK YOU. I finally found by asking the mayor's cousin.
You are right about everything. George's second wife was Helen Strevell. What sort of information were you looking for?
OMG!!!!! I knew he was in the hospital but I had no idea! His poor mom. And dogs. I am stunned.
They screwed up again in September of THIS year. I think they are legally required to notice consumers and forgot. Current city water dept. is not running very well.
Repugnicans hate and fear and blame the same people their supporters hate and fear and blame. Actual governance doesn't enter into it.
Might do that once we get the details worked out. What fits? How will we move them? That sort of think. Stay tuned!
Might work at the library. May have to install humidifiers and it might be tight but we are working on it.
A lot. And a floor that can support the weight. Morgues are in the basement for a reason. Sharon and I looked them over and we don't have room, either. Remember, these papers go back over a century.
I use my phone to contact people. It works great.
Range Riders doesn't have space. MCC has neither space nor desire to have them. State Historical Society has never expressed interest in the Star. They haven't even digitized them. We are hoping we mi + 398 more characters
The new owners of the Star want to get rid of the morgue of old bound copies of the newspaper. I was expecting this. Now to try and find a place to store them. They need a certain amount of temperatur + 160 more characters
I do both the Stardust -- which you learn to appreciate as you grow older both for seeing what your grandparents were up to and for the bits of history I throw in about the greater world at the time - + 168 more characters
Carrier tip? They fired all the carriers the end of April. They have hired a reporter so we'll see if he reports. I still do my history bit and that has its fans.
Stardust Thursday August 31 25 YEARS AGO (1998) Don Schott of Miles City hit his first hole-in-one Tuesday evening at the Town & Country Club golf course. Schott was golfing with his wife, Ruth, alon + 142 more characters
CITY OF MILES CITY, PWSID: MT0000291 CITY OF MILES CITY ATTN: TOM SPEELMON Dear Mr. Speelmon, This violation letter is to inform you that the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has documented t + 3750 more characters
KATL DID announce the boil water issue, according to my source. The 1973 paper is full of photos and reports on the new water plant. So, yeah, 50 years. Probably have to boil for a week until the pipe + 67 more characters
I thought I was signed up for nixle but apparently I wasn't. Fortunately, someone else told me. Bart said KYUS (radio?) had it as the THIRD piece of news on. KATL had nothing. The crappy city website + 121 more characters
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