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My twenty-something nieces have less rights than I did at their age. We are barely hanging onto something like a democracy as we slide into true banana republic status. And tRumpublicans want a full-o + 113 more characters
Worse than tRump himself is the delusional idiots who support him!
Rudy Gulliani is a moron, period.
And later in the week, it rockets up to 100, which might melt more snow. Yikes.
Living in eastern Montana is really, really difficult these days.
They can't afford to put in all new seats but it is in the plans for the future. They sorted through the seats, tossed or gave away the really nasty ones, cleaned and repaired the best. New seats in t + 129 more characters
I belong to a small group of people who think Maurice Hilleman High School has a certain ring to it, if only because there are lots of Custers out there.
That Brown was on the dysfunctional mess that was the PSC is all I needed to know about him.
The Wild Horse is history but Miles City still has classic bars like the Bison, the Montana and the Range Riders. Three weeks to Bucking Horse Sale!
Oh, if only we could go back to an illiterate underclass that knew their place. Under a rich man's boot heel.
Did you ever get answers to your questions? I know some of them. It faced Sixth. It was never financially successful. Closed, then burned, then fell over in a high wind, then was ruins until W. A. Mit + 26 more characters
The current conservative line is that noble and patriotic Putin was forced to attack Ukraine because evil NATO was encouraging democracy and freedom and Putin had to defend himself against that. WHAT + 43 more characters
Jim and Hazel died when I was fairly young but I remember them and John and Red.
Whose idea was the Cowboy Invitational? Name it after him. It might be Dickson.
IN all fairness to the publisher, he answers to the owner.
Had some great tunes.
Still no word on whether the BNSF is budging on its crappy lease terms. THAT is the sticking point.
Problem is, most folks knew the folksy Jack Raymond, not the abusive one. I definitely think naming a trophy after anyone who was around during the Jensen years is a HUGE mistake.
They have been struggling. Rumor was health and safety led to the first shutdown, then new management took over and struggled with staffing. May have just never made enough money. Fast food is a bruta + 16 more characters
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