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Is Cbs also Cnn? Because the inability to write a coherent sentence appears to be the same. Someone should explain that everyone has a distinctive writing style in a forum like this and changing your + 195 more characters
That's why historic preservation types call it demolition by neglect. Let the building get bad enough and some government will destroy it and then you can ignore the bill.
Wrote a history column referring to them in the past tense. Oops. Still there.
I just got banned from FB for saying a good chunk of Americans are idiots in response to a post on COVID-19. I was banned for telling the truth. Fortunately, I can come here and repeat it. A good chun + 217 more characters
Rumor is a family member went to Billings and came home to go to family events and work and boom. Here we are. I see very few people in a day, my husband even less, and we wear our masks. I am amazed + 92 more characters
In a big city, there are salvage places that do the salvage. I think Missoula used to have one but that's about it around here.
I was surprised to discover that some of his supporters are not complete morons.
I was told Dave had a stroke recently and is not well.
The old Coke bottling plant was the oldest building on Main. I never understand people who let their buildings rot. And, because it is Miles City, it will never occur to anyone to salvage anything lik + 79 more characters
Okay. I knew I had it somewhere. It wasn't named Frank Wiley until much later.
When the Reagan administration took over, they set out to destroy the American dream and were successful beyond their wildest dreams. Got rid of the Fairness Doctrine so Faux New could spread it's pro + 226 more characters
I wrote a history column about Frank Wiley and the airport but I can't remember the details. I'll have to dig through files.
Up to 13.
Eleven confirmed and if they shopped at Wal-Mart, all southeastern MT is doomed.
Wind. It has been very windy here in ol' Milestown for the past several days. Died down today so maybe it will get fixed when someone has time.
His temper tantrum and C&D order to CNN (not the small caps one. The all caps one) because of bad poll numbers would have been funny four years ago. Now it just adds to the sad.
Eagles are fine, though.
This breaks my heart. How could a minority of people allow this to happen? How could that minority rejoice in the destruction of what made this country worthwhile?
I'm still debating. Is cnn that stupid, that drunk or just a troll?
cnn needs to either keep editing or stop drinking. I am continually baffled by his incomprehensible posts.
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You post here all the time for baby kittens. Are you feeding them to a snake or creating crush videos? Why do you need a regular supply?