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Have you seen him walking his dog? The Shar Pie
Having a great mom never leaves you. She may not be reachable by phone but she is always there.
Sam Keyes was mayor. The bombing of the Yellowstone was the big event of '44. In late August of 1944, the Ten Cent Drug had a sale on lice killer for chickens; the Sweetheart bakery in the Masonic Tem + 168 more characters
He just won calf roping in the rodeo at the Fair so he seemed right for the job.
It's no Iceland but I hear it's nice.
I write the Stardust column so am reading 1944 newspapers every week. I can list hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. I just had cataract surgery so my vision is wonky right now but I'd be glad t + 21 more characters
Okay, fellow old people. You have to get two, two months apart. They hurt. They make your arm hurt. But having watched my mother suffer the agony of shingles, I got mine. Get yours.
Weird, isn't it? I mean, we'll all get used to the lack of crenellation but it looked so cool.
I assume the peaks on the Methodist Church were removed because they couldn't afford to repair them but it is a bit shocking to see. If you aren't in MC, the peaked roof of the bell tower and the matc + 43 more characters
I can't imagine doing that today. I do wonder where the coulee is? I only know it is near the old garbage dump on Airport Hill. Yeah, I wonder what would get hauled today.
Also known as the Tongue River Riding Academy. I know a few jokes about it. Yeah, Kelly's was the hot spot in town in the 70s.
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Add clumping cat litter and you can throw it out when it hardens. I know there was a big effort at the Fairgrounds a few years ago for a paint exchange but since the Exhibition Hall issue, I haven't h + 16 more characters
I personally saw at least two strippers at Kelly's. What I remember most was they both had a "gimmick" and having seen the musical about Gypsy Rose Lee, I was amused.
Kelly's Disco Lounge came along a few years later, in the mid-seventies. Since I didn't get into Kelly's until the later seventies, I don't know if there were decor changes. Was there a disco ball? I + 15 more characters
The Gas Lite, local bar and night club at 716 Main, has been sold to Earl Kelly, former owner Art Fritz announced today. Kelly, longtime resident of Miles City, has been employed by the Montana Highwa + 303 more characters
A few small branches down at our house. I am trying to paint the balcony railing and I need several dry days in a row for that project. Probably won't finish until this fall at this rate.
Nope. Jimmie was married to Margaret Atwood from 1968 to 1973.
"Dr. and Mrs. James Polk of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, are visiting this week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Jones. Mrs. Jones is his mother. " This is from the July 18, 1969 Miles City Daily Star + 83 more characters
I used to dream that if Democrats got back power, they might revive passenger rail for energy efficiency, economic development and equal opportunity. Sadly, once tRump started destroying everything, I + 46 more characters
She wasn't in the play so when the Barn did it here, she was. Denise Nickerson, on the other hand, is young. My age. So sad.
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