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The current courthouse was built in front of the original courthouse, which was then torn down and the bricks sold for a penny each. ETA: The architect was Byron Vreeland, who did my house. My house i + 227 more characters
IF there is something to fail, tRump will find a way to fail at it!
Our eagles are amazing parents. This is the third set of triplets they have fledged.
We said racists were racist and fascists and fascists and that insulted racist fascists.
Born in Miles City, just like my mother. Grew up here. Came back. Been a bleeding heart super-progressive LIBERAL my ENTIRE life and PROUD OF IT. I also use my REAL name instead of hiding behind a non + 64 more characters
My senior year, in 1976, we could legally sell tickets to a beer bash for seniors. Somehow, we all survived.
When the daughter of Dick Cheney is tossed by the party because she has moral standards, your party has really gone down the rabbit hole. I feel genuinely sorry for any actual Republicans who are stuc + 85 more characters
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Triplets again!
Definitely has gotten crazier and crazier. Sad.
Walter Mondale told voters the truth. Voters do not want to hear the truth. He valued truth above power. One of the last true statesmen.
RE: Eagles one month ago
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Yup. We have had at least one hatching and some feedings already!
Sadly. yes. We are SO screwed. Patronage jobs. Tax breaks for the wealthy. Anti education. Discrimination and racism and sexism all codified. Handing our soul over to corporations. There is NO evil th + 41 more characters
For the curious, url has some Otium packages. Auction lasts until April 20.
I'd check eBay. Search Miles City MT and the Fanning the Embers. Stuff turns up there are reasonable prices. Probably be around $50 or was last time I looked.
April 2 and I am watering my perennials.
My second shot is scheduled at Albertson's tomorrow afternoon! Yay.
Not a suburb. An actual small town. That's us. I remember John Riggs telling me about going to Hallmark convention and explaining that his commute was less than 15 minutes and he walked. Nobody believ + 7 more characters
I'm assuming you are being sarcastic.
I don't think the average tRump supporter would understand this complex reasoning. And if they did, they would try to avoid accepting it. I remember Republicans. Lots of good ones. I feel sorry for t + 238 more characters
Want proof that corporate boards are ridiculously greedy? Have a solidly Repugnican PSC that will give you anything you want and proceed to ask for so much, even the solidly Repugnican PSC votes unani + 124 more characters
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