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I have been told by more than one person that Mr. Autry drank heavily during his visits to Miles City. Broke more than one child fan's little heart to actually meet his hero and find him so drunk they + 32 more characters
I hope there is some toilet paper available next week. We might not need it for a while, if I am careful, because we always stock up when it is on sale but people really, truly went nuts.
The shallow end of the gene pool seems to be self-chlorinating this season.
Mr. Sawyer lives about a block a way. I will send him a note telling him about this.
Sports and classes are cancelled. Student services are open and precautions are being taken.
I went to school at my usual 7:30 in case someone didn't get the message. EVERYONE did. We got a few calls on food distribution, will there be homework and one parent saying, "Two weeks? Really? We're + 102 more characters
Privatize roads, schools, fire and police departments, get rid of health and human services, gut the FDA and FTC. Let corporations run wild while paying next to nothing in taxes. Yeah, no.
Years ago, my older brother made a hilarious video, "Gardening in Belgrade" which was filmed in a blizzard.
Boy, those are familiar faces. My mother LOVED covering the Cookie Cook-Off. She got to sample the cookies!
It's where Stockman Bank is now.
tRump is a vile, corrupt, incompetent, self-serving liar but the Cult of the Orange Ass doesn't care.
I have copies of the first edition, the second edition and the combined edition. I can recommend several very tasty recipes. Alice Spear's sour cream coffee cake was very popular for breakfast on Chri + 119 more characters
I know they were around 100 years ago because I come across them in Stardust.
I love Randy Rainbow. The best thing to come out of the corrupt and incompetent tRump regime.
I was confused by this "Brawl of the Wild" thing. Turns out, it was made up around 2010 for an advertising campaign. I still call it the Cat/Griz Game and I care about just as much now as I did when I + 50 more characters
Governor, attorney general, House and Senate -- all BLUE -- in Mitch the Turtle's home state. HOPE LIVES!!!!!!
Lots of old soda fountains used syrup and carbonated water. Not every town had a bottling plant for every pop.
Sadly, tRump supporters will continue to eat up the Faux News propaganda and make sure that no reality or truth interferes with their opinions. Which is why sane people have got to vote.
Miles City Star, October 26, 1994 Montana Special Olympics, Inc., recently honored recipients of the 1994 Distinguished Service Awards at the annual Fall Leadership Conference in Great Falls. Local an + 147 more characters
Jobie was one of a kind. They broke the mold for him. Hugs.
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