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For the curious, url has some Otium packages. Auction lasts until April 20.
I'd check eBay. Search Miles City MT and the Fanning the Embers. Stuff turns up there are reasonable prices. Probably be around $50 or was last time I looked.
April 2 and I am watering my perennials.
My second shot is scheduled at Albertson's tomorrow afternoon! Yay.
Not a suburb. An actual small town. That's us. I remember John Riggs telling me about going to Hallmark convention and explaining that his commute was less than 15 minutes and he walked. Nobody believ + 7 more characters
I'm assuming you are being sarcastic.
I don't think the average tRump supporter would understand this complex reasoning. And if they did, they would try to avoid accepting it. I remember Republicans. Lots of good ones. I feel sorry for t + 238 more characters
Want proof that corporate boards are ridiculously greedy? Have a solidly Repugnican PSC that will give you anything you want and proceed to ask for so much, even the solidly Repugnican PSC votes unani + 124 more characters
I was brought up with the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you. In other words, be polite, kind, compassionate and caring. That is apparently an anathema to the modern conservat + 127 more characters
The traditional conservative response: Change the subject with a completely unrelated and nonsensical question because you don't have an actual intelligent answer to the question that was actually ask + 25 more characters
RE: Eagles 27 days ago
in Feature Requests
Last I heard, there were two eggs.
Because FEAR is the basis of the modern tRumpublican party. Fear of OTHER. Brown people. People whose superstitions are different. People who prefer a different flavor of something. Because if you kee + 151 more characters
THIS! Their egos cannot admit they were dumb enough to be conned.
But St. Donnie will join St. Ronnie in Heaven and all those celebrity liberal Satanist pedophiles sucking hormones out of children in basements that don't exist or on Martian space stations that don't + 142 more characters
I found it amusing that an automatic payment could be overdue. I just wrote down the amount and will keep an eye on March.
I foresee two parties. The Sane but Selfish Republican Party and the American Fascist tRump Cult. I can also see them suing each other over the word "Republican."
I'm surprised Skees doesn't show up in either his Grand Dragon costume or his SS uniform.
Oh, yeah. Getting rid of public health because caring about the health of the public is something conservatives are now opposed to. What the hell? How does public health become political? Makes NO sen + 3 more characters
It's as if the Repugnicans have a checklist of evil they are committed to. 1) Betray the veterans of World War II by declaring themselves pro-fascist. 2) Stuff women back into a box of brood mare, tak + 1208 more characters
It's as if they learned nothing from Kansas and nothing from tRump and oh, wait. Learning something is directly opposed to modern Repugnican values. Between trying to destroy the economy, destroy the + 144 more characters
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