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Henry Gurr, a big ZAMM fan, has written a book about Robert Pirsig and will be in Miles City the end of July/first part of August to promote it and meet with fans. He is looking for suggestions as to + 204 more characters
The baby is SO big. Flapping its huge wings and taking up the whole nest.
Sounds like my kind of event!
RE: BHS Parade one month ago
in Current Events
Just because it is snowing is no reason to cancel the parade. It went off as usual. And the rodeo is going on, too. Mind you, I have been inside and plan to stay there.
The levies weren't particularly large and I know the schools need the money so I was glad to see they passed!
Ohio Street was vacated for the Milwaukee Railroad. Having a DICKERSON and a DICKINSON apparently struck somebody as dumb and DICKERSON became Ivy. And Garland Street was originally Carland Street but + 90 more characters
We are the BEST foster parents.
Horrifying might be a better word!
Rest homes like old magazines.
tRump supporters do not care that he lies, cheats, steals or sells us out to Russia. All they care about is he is an ignorant racist just like them.
We hate you, David.
I am betting that we are done with extended sub-zero cold. Now just moderate cold until that one afternoon of spring and then SUMMER, followed almost immediately by more winter. Why do we live here ag + 4 more characters
Headline: Bonines, MacNeil winners of annual Cookie Bake-Off. Winners of the annual Cookie Bake-Off were Jon Bonine, drop cookies, Brian Bonine, bar cookies, Gary Bonine, no-bake cookies, and Megan Ma + 213 more characters
Do you have a copy of Rev. Fitz's remarks from somewhere? I'd love to see them.
Just as odd note from 1944: A joint meeting of the teachers of the city schools, the State Industrial School, and the college and high school was held in the activity room of Custer county high school + 337 more characters
Our mail was delivered at the house as usual. Maybe it was a pre-emptive announcement and then the weather turned out to be milder than expected.
I was interested that only Fort Keogh and Fort Apache had complete records. Maybe because they stayed in army hands longer.
Damn. That is some quality crazy!!
The elder James Masterson was a close friend of my grandparents and parents and I remember him from my childhood. We have a number of his paintings in my family, including one he painted specifically + 14 more characters
Was he related to James Masterson?
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