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I wish I could get a 20% raise in my income.
Two bills that received bipartisan support to assist and protect the lower income people in this state were both vetoed by Giant Fart. Because, you know, poor people who live in (ugh) trailer parks sh + 293 more characters
Oldest bank in town but they have never liked small accounts.
Do they think we all got 20% raises in the last year?
But they love guns and tRump likes to dry hump flags. That makes them REEL AMURIKANS!
It's horrific how they are almost all for kids who died as teenagers in car accidents. I remember Monte Moreno because her younger sister was a good friend of mine. I believe alcohol was also involved + 208 more characters
No one remembers at the high school who the various sports memorials are for and they asked me to help. So I have a list and am trying to put something together but would love some help. 1) Comer Memo + 606 more characters
I can hearing the lawyers sharpening their pencils for lots of billable hours.
Republicans hate democracy. They hate voters actually voting. It interferes with their fascist dictatorship. At least they are honest about it now.
They have been seen this spring but aren't actively nesting yet.
Our Founders were liberals opposed to the rule of kings and although, in the end, they gave into slave-owners, they tried to believe that all men are created equal. Conservatives hate democracy. They + 231 more characters
I don't respect people who do stupid things to keep political power. There, I said it.
Parrots tend to bond with one person and, depending on the species, can live 40 or 50 years or even longer. Plus they can be incredibly noisy and dirty. But they are still cool.
This Week magazine always has a couple of small articles about really stupid stuff being done in this country. Guess what was in This Week this week? Yup, Greg Kmetz and his catering to ignorant anti- + 34 more characters
Rosie was probably thrilled someone wanted to have their picture taken with him. It makes him feel important. He still should have asked who they were, though. The guy in the grey trench coat is very + 11 more characters
After a few nutcases testified in favor, the bill died in committee because it was too stupid even for the Montana legislature. Greg kept insisting his constituents wanted him to write it but those co + 64 more characters
Parkers Super Service is still serving booze right next to the library. I love Miles City.
From the February 18, 1973 Daily Star: Karen Morris, sophomore at Custer County High School and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Morris, has been selected for a special Girl Scout Opportunity progr + 251 more characters
The email I am considering sending, even though I know it will be ignored. "I realize the modern Republican party is more concerned with maintaining power through fear and ignorance than actually gove + 965 more characters
tRumpublicans don't care. Jezuz hisself sent the Orange One to rule over us.
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His name was Miles Milligan and he passed away a few months ago.