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Neither child stayed in Miles City. The local Presbyterian Church, of which he was the pastor for many years, might be interested. Not sure who the minister is these days but you could contact them.
I don't mind growing older but it bothers me that everyone else grows older, too. My deepest sympathy.
Always blame Gunnar. It was probably too many bottles of his award-winning beer.
Ales, porters, pilsners, lagers and stouts are just a few of the types of beer brewers are making at home. With microbreweries and specialty beers a fad and sweeping the nation, a beer category has be + 305 more characters
There is no Republican Party. There is the KKKult of Orange *ss. tRumpbulicans. They hate democracy, the Constitution and anyone smarter than they are.
Betty Bowers and Randy Rainbow kept me sane.
"So, he took classified documents, said he sent them back but didn’t, and then when asked about them moved them instead and now he wants people to believe that he “didn’t know about them” but that the + 172 more characters
Friend has been without internet -- which she uses extensively for her business -- for more than a week and was told it would be mid-September before someone could come out and look at her problem. Ye + 100 more characters
They may have found some really high level super secret nuclear information? Now why would tRump want something as worthless as paper? Unless he planned to SELL it to our enemies.
Republicans support mass murder. I'm not sure why but they love it and want to make it easy as possible.
Suddenly, I am feeling hope again. It's wonderful. :
Notice the gun nut can't figure out which is my given name and which is my surname. On Prozac for 30 years plus in therapy on-and-off and PROUD OF IT. I also wear corrective lenses, have had cataract + 269 more characters
I guess drunk is just a euphemism for dumb. Haven't we had this same idiot conversation with this same idiot about 25 times in the last 25 years? Gun nuts -- and all conservatives for that matter -- n + 22 more characters
What is it with these rightwing nutters? Are they drunk or just naturally incoherent. Whatever they are, they have never convinced any of us articulate liberals to change our minds. But they are hilar + 5 more characters
I have no clue what Felix was babbling about but I always have that problem with rightwing gun nuts. They don't actually make sense. :
Doonesbury, as always, nails it. And if you can't explain it, it's because you can't admit it's true. Gun manufacturers sell assault rifles as "man cards" for basement dwelling incels who have failed + 59 more characters
The jokes just keep on coming. Will he run again? Heheheheh. Those brave tRump supporters, showing their true colors as they skitter away.
Tom Pettigrew tried promoting them nationally when he first took over the Airport Inn. Rotarians or Kiwanis or somebody took them to a big national convention to try to sell them. For whatever reason, + 27 more characters
And we hate them, too. They just aren't providing clips on TV demonstrating their assholeness.
Bats are now using the term "tRumpcrap" crazy.
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