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url This is a solution for everyone. It was started when FB banned weapons ads. It is by Montanans for Montanans. Check it out. Thank you!
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Call or text for more info. Kitten to full grown. Some short tail. Most able to be handled. Can likely bring to Miles, Circle or Jordan. 4O6 853 2O96
Caldwell Chronograph one month ago
Caldwell G2 Bluetooth Chronograph. Standalone but also Works off your phone and the Caldwell app from the app store. Around 220.00+ retail. Asking 140.00 4 O 6 85 320 96 t e x t / c a l l Can get yo + 164 more characters
Shotguns one month ago
PENDING 1. Brazilian made single shot 12g. Busted up stock and bulge at the very end of the barrel. I'd call it a wall hanger. I assume it was a tighter choke someone shot steel out of. Plenty long en + 314 more characters
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