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My husband and I decided to try them last night, I am all for supporting a new restaraunt, especially when it's not fast food and something new. I was just a little bummed. I ordered two BBQ Pork sand + 1065 more characters
I just want to say Go - SOX. Schilling pitched an awewome 7 innings, he only had one run. I loved him when he played for Arizona and I love him now. What a pitcher. I just want to say it's about time + 321 more characters
With out a doubt my last meal would be Angel Hair Pasta w/Sol w/a white wine cream sauce from a little Italian place in Arizona. It was the best meal I ever had. I crave it all the time.
I thought the coverage was ok, you would think that they would have shown the USA Womens Softball games. That was a little dissapointing. All in all I got mad at some of the judging and was dissapoint + 262 more characters
Tucker, I really like your idea of a big sign pointing to main street. LOL, good thought.
to Richard Bonine: I believe you are correct and that teacher's really do make a difference...
I believe that we as a country need to start looking at our children and start going back to the old way of doing things. For example, writting letters instead of emailing them, buying a card instead + 667 more characters
I really like the idea of a department store as well, except then you have to think of Maurices. What about a shoe store like, Payless or even something like I had in Arizona where they carry all diff + 572 more characters
Hi Rick, how have you been doing? I hope good. Isn't it nice to know that people are still around, somewhere...
Neutral colors first of all, no dark colors though, it makes a room seem smaller and more like a dungen. Second, for me personally I like clean lines, no sponging on the walls. Colors that attrack me + 40 more characters
Damian, by the way thanks for emailing the pictures again. You really do look great. It's good to finally hear from you.
Tanniel, sorry I missed him then. I honestly tried to talk to everyone that I have not seen in a long while. I didn't get a chance to talk to Jamie Stein or Jen Marum very much and I felt bad about th + 164 more characters
RE: Hello all 19 years ago
I guesse you aren't staying up late enough to be at the Montana, because there were a bunch of us nice, normal, ladies there Saturday night. Of course that will only happen once every ten years. (It w + 24 more characters
Well Travis, we had only about 60 people there and they were with wives or husbands too. Except a few of us who's husband or wife couldn't come or those who are yet to be married. A lot of the girls t + 674 more characters
It went pretty well, we were missing a lot of people in our class though, that was a little disappointing. I have to say I had a blast though. I danced a lot, actually I was the only one dancing on th + 360 more characters
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