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Cowan's auction has a large set of never before released photos for sale in June. The price is really high at 30,000-50,000 dollars estimated for the family owned collection. The people of Miles City + 85 more characters
I just heard from the printers and the book should be ready for sale on August 5 or Thursday or Friday. The girl who was taking care of the process had emergency surgery so things got set bac + 181 more characters
The book is almost entirely on Montana. Regarding Miles City there some mention in the story on Maurice Sullivan in December of 1884. Thank-you for your interest. Kim
I also wanted to thank Sheriff Tony Harbough who provided me with the jail records of Custer County at the time without hesitation. I also want to thank Robin Gerber who was a history instructor at MC + 350 more characters
This is titled, "Blessed are the Peacemakers". It is a number of stories of the law and order in central Montana in the 1880-1890s focusing on the sheriffs. I have chapters on the first four sheriffs + 1018 more characters
Yes, the same man.
thank you for your picture...the photo that I found in Google and in one of the books on la huffman was a bit different...but it could be just a different photo of the same building that you have show + 224 more characters
Howdy Jack, Yes I am Sam, Kim is my middle name, I am planning on being in Miles City on Thursday. I would love to learn what you have on the Carlin case.
i did a google search and there is a supposed la Hoffman photo of 'stone shack' and it very well may be the old stage stop....a Hoffman book also shows the photo and just calls if an old ranch without + 30 more characters
Thanks for all the replies. From the map it appears I drive about 17 miles north of Miles City on the highway 59 and turn right on crow head road for less than a mile...stone shack appears about 100 y + 225 more characters
if you could find that info that would really be great...I know it is about 15 miles north of Miles City along the north branch of Sunday Creek but I dont know how to get there...which road or roads t + 17 more characters
Can anyone offer information on the stone shack and its location. I would like to go there to take a few photos of the site. Thank-you all.
thank you...I understand he knows some history so I might try to give him a call.
can anyone tell me where the Bridle Bit Ranch is located...some say it was the W H Burleigh ranch on Sunday Creek north of Miles City some 16-17 miles...I am finishing up my new book with a chapter on + 357 more characters
Dr. Walter A. Burleigh owned a sheep ranch on Sunday Creek about 16 miles north of Miles City. I am trying to locate the ranch house site and obtain photos of the site as it is today. Thanks to anyone + 19 more characters
What is your history book about? I am also interested. I hope to have my third book complete in the spring of 2010. It is nonfiction, central Montana law and order history.
thank you very much...I will give it a try.
Is anyone familiar with where the old Burleigh Ranch is located north of Miles City on Sunday Creek?
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