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Is there a place in town that you can donate winter coats to (besides the thrift stores?) I thought that the firefighters took them to give away to needy families or somewhere like that did.
This was a few pages back under Aye Pumpkin Patch in the Classifieds:
Every time my child has been absent from Garfield School, and I forget to call or am too busy to call within the first 15-20 min. after school starts, I am called to see if he is coming to school or n + 231 more characters
I am sorry!! I meant to do it earlier, but I forgot until I was about to do my "shift" as a parent volunteer I was hoping it was in the paper, but I wasn't sure, and I know all the kids made signs an + 165 more characters
We had a good turnout~ thank you for your support!
Help support Garfield Elementary School 6th graders AND enjoy a root beer float at the same time! For only $1 a piece you can help them go to Zoo Montana at the end of October by going to Reynolds to + 187 more characters
The topic says June 26th, but Leann said July 26th. Just need this clarified, thanks!
What about the youth at A.W.A.R.E.? They have a great program also...
I remember another miniature golf place that was on the highway toward Broadus, around the Super 8 motel on the was in the 90's though, not that long ago...
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