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Do'nt be she people the more we have the more we will all get out of this.
I am also a cancer patiant let me know how a support group goes my cancer is terminal and i would like to hear from others and how they are dealing with it
there is more rock n roll out there than all of us have heard put togather, so let them all in
hey mayor Joe why dont you try something differnt and tell the truth YOU DO'NT KNOW !
We all hope KARMA gets them in the end !
now thats funny
this aint spelling class
bottom line the gov wants to take your hard earned money
shuck them and eat RAW ! I Lived in grays harbor Wa for 30 years
Not a big suprise. Was the food cooked completly.I have'nt had any good anything there.
the ones I am talking about ; want us (AMERICANS) all to die ! God has killed more people . It do'nt matter what you call him.
Dude if you do'nt like my driving;get off the sidewalk !
Just for the extreamist. They burn the American flag
OH MY GOD ! you all need a life of your own .
fix it ! yea just think this dam thing could and will destroy all the oceans and seas in the world, we being human need water to survive 2012
at least the snow keeps the tourist away
the tounge river railroad coming through miles city aint going to happen in our life time !
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