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Howdy; Has anyone out there ever heard of a rodeo company started right here in Miles City? Circa: 1916-1924. My grandfather was a calvary remount rider during WWI and when the war ended he and a bunc + 722 more characters
Where's his Mom? Where's his Dad? Last I knew both in prison. He showed no remorse, never has, when I knew him his sole purpose in life was beating the system; relating to anything that involved law i + 463 more characters
OK, this guy was responsible for three of his best friends deaths. I too, understand the reason and sensibility of forgiveness. I know this person rather well and know about his family history. Howeve + 921 more characters
AA, I need any information on the Yellowstone Rodeo Company started around 1920 thru 1924. Anyone out there ever hear of their grandfathers being in it? It was mostly comprised of local cowhands and e + 506 more characters
Darned if I knew there were Sand Fleas at the Oasis? Does Montana have Sand Fleas,I have run across some Sand Fleas tryng to bite me while I was sitting at a barstool......coincidence, Maybe? Does the + 44 more characters
Great pictures! Miss the ranch and really wish I lived in the country. Thank you for taking the time to let us have a look.
I recently had to hire an attorney in Missoula for a simple sexual harrassment case. Come on up and be welcome in the greatest Cowboy town in Montana.
I am going to Billings on the 4th of Feb, will be glad to pick up your milk. It really depends on how bad the roads are...Call me at 232-8941 or 360-4254.
The Eagle's Lodge #885 is having their breakfast buffet this Sunday, Jan 23rd,from 8 am until noon. Cost is $7.00 and half price for children.This is an "all you can eat buffet" and for the price, it + 383 more characters
Mama Stella's has got the best french dip sandwich in Miles City, bar none!
The Eagles has their fantastic breakfast buffet this Sunday, Dec 12 from 8am until noon! Only $6.00, $3.00 for children.... Serving: Bluberry Pancakes/Plain Scrambled eggs w/green peppers and onions/ + 136 more characters
The Eagles will be serving one of their bi-monthly, all-you-can eat breakfast buffets this Sunday, 26th Nov from 8AM until Noon. This is a non-profit organization and they need the money to help towar + 469 more characters
The Eagles is having a Father's Day breakfast buffet this Sunday, 20 June 2010 from 8am until Noon. They will be serving: Biscuits and Gravy Patty Sausage Western hashbrowns/Plain hashbrowns Western s + 478 more characters
Breakfast is from 8-Noon, Fresh cantaloupe is the fruit of the day
Hey everyone! The Eagles is having another one of their excellent breakfasts on Sunday, May 9th. All mothers will receive a free carnation and enjoy a wonderful meal for $6.00. Oven Baked Ham Waffles/ + 174 more characters
The Eagles is located on 24 North 8th Street. The breakfast sign will be on the Pleasant Street side of the building. The entrance door is by the sign on the bottom floor.
The Eagles is a non-profit organization and they feature a buffet style breakfast every other weekend,downstairs in their building. This Sunday, April 25th from 8 AM until 12 Noon they will be serving + 268 more characters
I was raised not to litter and I can remember back in the day when trash cans were placed beside the highway at historical markers etc. I believe the state did not need the trash cans anymore when the + 730 more characters
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