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Thank you so much, but I actually found someone from colstrip that was advertising at the bank here in town today, but thank you for replying.
can i still order from someone in miles city even though i do not live in town, if i pick them up when they are ready, there is no troop here in forsyth?
thank you, did manage to finally get hold of vet here in town, but would still be nice to know for future references just in case
Is there a after hours phone number to get a hold of a vet in case of emergency? do not live in town but have tried to reach vets here and cannot get ahold of one, so am trying surrounding towns but h + 93 more characters
she was found two days ago, she went up to someone in the park and they read her tags and got her where she needed to be. she's fine was a little dirty and scared but she is doing good.
Has been found, thank you to everyone who kept a eye out for her and for getting her home, she was missed greatly!
her name is cricket.
she is a wirehaired terrier mix, kind of looks jack russely she is very timid around people but will go up to any other dog
sorry she is black, white and tan, she's not very big, i don't live in town, so any help in catching her would be amazing , there is a reward offered!
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got out at albertsons, wearing pink collar and leash has a gold tag with her name and number she is scared of most people, please call day or night, reward offered she is a wire haired terrier mix, lo + 16 more characters
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