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Because the Democratic Peoples Republic of California is a prime example of what we dont want.
I just consumed a package of bacon, then fried eggs in its grease. Since its the season of sharing, I wanted to share my happy story with
I'll vote if we can use the money to fire up the ole' snow plow more than once a winter
Great! Thanks a lot.
I have never used the town dump, is there a charge to drop off "normal" household waste? If so, does anyone know off-hand how much it is? Thanks
I always thought mice fed the barn cats? Which is why they are in the barn to begin with. If you want to take up a real cause..consider the millions of ants that are poisoned every summer day in MC. H + 8 more characters
Its so cold out that... my outie bellybutton turned into an innie to conserve warmth
Well you cant expect horse meat to be as palatable as Angus beef!
A mini casino?
An outrage!! Leave it up to the school systems, TV and music to lie to easily molded children!
The only sad part is how people get so bent out of shape when the opinion of others differs from their own. No opinion is right and no opinion is wrong. Except mine, mine is right...though, thats just + 111 more characters
I heard the local Spec Ops raided the apartment looking for Bin Laden! Finally some excitement in town
I like her possum defense. Play dead and they will lose interest
Does anyone know of a Notary Public that does "work" on the weekends? Google doesnt seem to be helping much. Thanks
I think legally you could shoot out at strawberry hill. I have let off about 10 rounds of .380 there. I would just be mindful of hikers in the area. Picking up your spent casings keeps the area clean + 4 more characters
Thanks folks! Hopefully it wont be too packed
Does anyone know where in town ( bar ) the Nascar races are shown? My dad is visiting from out of town and I dont have cable.. He may just go postal if he misses a race. Are they even shown on any loc + 29 more characters
I dont know how to tell the time on an analog face clock unless it has a bird that pops out and chirps the hours at me.
RE: P90X 13 years ago
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With p90x you will lose weight and get toned... however there are faster ( and easier ) ways to lose weight. Cardio. Just keep your body moving and your heart rate up. I know a woman in her 60's that + 147 more characters
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