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I thought Red Auerbach soured his legacy in his last few years. When questioned about the possibility that Phil Jackson might surpass his number of titles won, he always launched into a diatribe about + 518 more characters
I don't know the words to express my sincere thanks to you all for your kind words and heartfelt sentiments regarding the passing of my brother Mark. The outpouring of kind deeds and words directed to + 203 more characters
My dear brother Mark lost his 2 year battle with cancer last evening. He was as fine a man as I have ever known. His kindness, compassion, and infectious smile will be missed forever. My family is gra + 412 more characters
I think the diagnostic techniques are just getting better, allowing many diseases to be diagnosed earlier in life. I certainly would not discount an environmental cause to this and other diseases. The + 216 more characters
I'm pretty torn here. If my name was on the list, and baseball released it to the public, I would immedaitely file suit against the players union. They are the morons that did not destroy the list. Th + 1133 more characters
In a little box with all that conservative tolerance I never see. I only bring it out for special occasions. I doubt today is gonna be all that special. But it's early.
It finally took some innocent vagina talk to get you guys to all get along. If we could only work in some beer chat, and maybe some sports on this thread, we will all need to meet for a group hug. I'm + 18 more characters
I feel it's time for someone to steer this chat back to the point. So I will take charge. Glenn Beck is a moran! Glad to be of service.
"Looks like an idiot"? Are you really willing to play that game Chuck? What should all our politicians look like? Ronald Reagan looked just like a caricature of the Big Boy hamburger dude. And Dick Ch + 70 more characters
I can actually watch Washburn pitch this year. And enjoy it. Every start last year I was putting away sharp objects before he even took the mound. And my cats would run for cover as soon he was introd + 610 more characters
Your english teacher would kick your butt for trying to use words like wisdom and Glenn Beck in the same sentence. Isn't he just the most pompous, sarcastic pr**k on TV these days?
It really sucks that the Mariners recently went 7 - 3 in a 10 game stretch, and lost 2 games in the standings to the Angels. The conventional wisdom in baseball is that if you are 7 games out at the s + 947 more characters
I may be missing your point Mike. They didn't eat you did they? Then you evidently did not look like a porkchop. They attacked you, because they apparently thought you were a threat. We all know that + 1203 more characters
Dammit Bob! Please don't say that crap outloud. Jerry Jones might be reading this. We already had to put up with Pacman Jones, Terrell Owens, and a veritable laundry list of other miscreants. If Vick + 178 more characters
Tom Regan is absolutely correct. Vick is an evil man that I will not watch on my TV any Sunday. Ever. If some linebacker snaps his spine, I may watch the highlights, just to see karma at work. He serv + 1202 more characters
Wow! What a beast! I love the fact that they released it too. Keep that gene pool in the river makin babies. Good on ya.
Maybe it is, and maybe it isn't worth it. I propose we wait at least a few months to see if the plan has the desired affect on the economy. Radical thinking I know. If not, then you can throw the "afr + 126 more characters
I really need a book with all these rules spelled out clearly. Maybe Derf can write one for me? If it's all written down, in big crayon letters, I promise I can play the game as Derf intends it to be + 114 more characters
Dammit! I don't even know how to act anymore. Do I even like myself?
I am drinking a Pyramid Apricot Ale, and liking it. Would Derf approve?
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