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Hi Mr. Vail, That was a pretty intriguing bit of information you found! Thanks for sharing it with us. Laura Jones Corvallis, Oregon
Hi Amorette, I just wanted to congratulate you on what a great job you did with "Miles City Memories". I have my copy now and am appreciating all of the good information therein which will help me + 226 more characters
Hi Larry, I agree this is a great Website. I love to visit and see what's new. I moved away from Miles City when I was 5 years old so I don't have as many memories but I did spend a year there when + 168 more characters
Hi Mr. Vail, Thank you very much for your best wishes about my health. I am happy to report that I am finally regaining some energy. I found out through experience that having major surgery sure se + 770 more characters
Hi Mr. Vail, Thanks so much for asking about the status of my novel,set in North Dakota and Miles City, starting in the 1880s. Last June I completed the first draft of the novel and completed the s + 653 more characters
Hello again, Mr. Vail I forgot to tell you. The "Spruce Goose" is still in McMinnville. They've built an air museum there although the Goose is too big for a museum! Laura Jones Corvallis, Oregon
Hello Robin Gerber, I am glad to hear you and Amorette are working on a history of Miles City. I was just talking about Miles City at my writing class last week, describing this wonderful Website a + 346 more characters
Hello Kenneth Vail, Sounds like you are working on an intriguing biography. Mine is a work of historical fiction, so I have a little leeway with the details. My novel begins in 1871 and ends in 191 + 553 more characters
To Ken Vail, I noticed you are writing a book about Miles City and referred to "the spring of 1879" as being relevant to your story. What kind of a book are you writing? I am writing an histori + 228 more characters
Amorette, Your ghost stories sound intriguing. I haven't heard them. Are they posted somewhere on these pages in more detail? How about that guy named Rigney who got hung from the railroad trest + 79 more characters
Hi, Thanks everyone, especially Amorette, for the great information. That's pretty exciting that next year will be the library's Centennial year! Laura Jones
Library 19 years ago
in History & Genealogy
Hi! I have come upon another question for which I don't have an answer in connection with my novel. I am wondering when Miles City got a library, public or otherwise. Could someone tell me? Thanks, + 30 more characters
Thanks for your help, Amorette! You are right, Sharpless Walker is a great name for an attorney! I just wanted to make sure there were some attorneys practicing in Miles City in 1884 and it looks like + 76 more characters
Attorneys 19 years ago
in History & Genealogy
Does anybody know the names of any attorneys who might have been practicing in Miles City in 1884? I would assume there were attorneys practicing since the first criminal case was tried in Custer Coun + 52 more characters
Hi Mr. Freese, The steamboat site is called "RIVERBOATS, STEAMBOATS, STERNWHEELERS AND SIDEWHEELERS". "Steamboat Dave", the man who created the Web page talks about how reading Mark Twain's works w + 125 more characters
Hi Amorette, What is the "Centennial Roundup" and where can I find a copy? Thanks, Laura K. Jones Corvallis, Oregon
Hi Mr. Freese, I have been researching the steamboats on the Yellowstone for a work of historical fiction I am currently writing. I found a used copy of an old book called "The Steamboaters" by Har + 1061 more characters
Hi Amorette, Thanks for replying to my questions about the fires in Miles City. I will check back through Samuel Gordon's material and see if I can find the rest. I am writing about the Victorian p + 166 more characters
Hi Mr. Antram, Thanks for referring me to "Dusting Off the Old Ones". This is absolutely wonderful material for me, since a lot of it pertains to the late 1800s and early 1900s, the period in which + 220 more characters
Hi! It seems like there have been several fires in the downtown area of Miles City. When did they occur? I know about the one in 1883. Thanks, Laura K. Jones Corvallis, Oregon
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