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I would think the organizers need to sit down and see what they could offer that would attract the teams away from the other tournaments. It may take rule changes and other spiffs. I would suggest con + 105 more characters
We are doing a survey for the station and I had an extra question. I was interested in finding out if people of custer county would be willing to support a new pool financially on an annual basis. So + 283 more characters
Just to let everyone know. The bucking horse sale looks like another success. Ticket sales for the three days was up over last year. Early calculations have concessions also up. The pari-mutuel handle + 1509 more characters
If you are looking for old pictures of krjf, you might contact Jim Elliot in Miles City. His dad was the engineer the helped build the radio station and keep it on the air back then. I believe his dad + 148 more characters
I like history and the past. It is great to remember and keep those memories for the future, but if we kept everything we would have no place for the new. It is called evelution. I believe God has a r + 359 more characters
The information about the katl building,s back door being level with the ground so when it rains water runs in is one of the many rumors that keep surfacing about KATL. The roof does have one area tha + 680 more characters
We are always ready to stick it to the tourists as if we are not a tourist. I don't travel much on business but an average of once a month. Almost every time I travel I have to spend the evening some + 849 more characters
There is a proposal for a sales tax of four per cent that is being bantied about the house or senate I forget which. It is basically a proposal to be put on the ballot of the next general election to + 975 more characters
Larry, Bhs inc appreciates all the help we can get. We sent our stuff out last year to all the search engines in the country via mcn as they were known then. I was also told that we would have to do i + 485 more characters
Bart, It is free as long as you leave their ads as part of the counter etc. go to and sign in. they send you an email and then you need to go to the site and pick up the code and paste + 131 more characters
Things are beginning to really get busy with the bucking horse sale committee. I seems that we get calls daily about things at the sale. How people can get tickets, get a booth space, can they sell so + 585 more characters
A dream resturant is not really what I am looking for. But a place where one could sit and eat with friends or family and not have to yell over the noise of the crowd, the music or the poker machines. + 1051 more characters
I would like to say right now and up front. I believe Kevin Senger getting the award was probably deserved but in poor taste. I really think if anything he should of declined it until after his presid + 111 more characters
Howard, Tickets are now available at the Miles City Chamber and you can call and use your credit card to purchase tickets. Thanks for checking out the bucking horse sale. don
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