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So I googled "pathelogical" and it suggested another word - pathological - whatever that means. Brian - your idea for Mayors Joe's consequences was great! And Ben - I think Larry should charge for thi + 48 more characters
Yes - keep him! He has done a good job. Have him pay a fine or do some community service and provide proof of license and insurance. He wasnt drunk and he didnt waste everyones time by running around + 62 more characters
I would like to take this opportunity to remember a dear friend, Janelle O'Donnell. I will forever miss her laughter and her smile.
They had the best burger topped with grilled ham - I cant remember the name. Just that it was delicious!
I loved this movie. Only Clint Eastwood could do a movie like this!
My co-workers are ecstatic about this.
Then I guess you also failed to see that I was being sarcastic.
Yes - Brian. That's exactly what I meant - that one is wrong and the other is right.
I agree with you Rick - the dog's seem to have more protection than the wives.
Very true. We did not have this discussion with my father prior to him getting sick and having to place him in a rest home. We had to make alot of medical decisions not knowing what he would want. It + 302 more characters
OMG. A drug arrest in Miles City - that is rare.
Maybe Bobby Kenny has a bright idea about what to do with the depot!
I have always appreciated the Moorhead Senior High Mascot - the SPUDS! Go Spuds! How about the UND Fighting Sioux - oops - sorry forgot, they are gonna have to change that one pretty quickly here.
Speaking of large fish - look at this ugly thing:
Of course - which is why I do the job I do. He didnt just get a slap on the wrist - he went to Leavenworth for Pete's sake. They are in lockdown 23 hours per day. It is one of the roughest prison's in + 517 more characters
My question would be "Are the parents/responsible parties reporting this to the police each time it occurs?" In many cases, like MN, and I am not sure about MT - but the juvenile system is designed to + 893 more characters
They are on their way to Fargo - they have a concert here on Friday July 10!
Mule train - it doesnt appear that she will be there in July - her mom said maybe august. Karen and Lou are visiting in AK right now. You should e-mail me on my personal account and I can fill you in. + 51 more characters
Nice pictures Hal. Nice catch mule train - I see my little friend in the back ground. When I was there in May we attempted to fish on the Deshka but nothing! So - needless to say I had to have some fi + 101 more characters
I recommend Kelly Gardner. We took my dad's car in for an oil change and the "business" (no name mentioned) told my step mom she needed a $700 part. I dont believe this business is even qualified to d + 187 more characters
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