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Can old ladies get into this discussion? My husband worked for Diebold and he never mentioned rigging a voting machine. He did however mention locking himself in a vault one time when the bank was + 679 more characters
Hey, Don't complain about the underpass at Miles City that thing is a classic! It is the only one like it in the United States!!! Besides, it wouldn't make the "You Know Your From Miles City, When" + 741 more characters
Thank you Vets for defending our country and for putting your very lives on the line for us. We love you and we are grateful for every one of you. For those who are currently fighting in Iraq and in A + 101 more characters
My response to you Dave is this, Books are expensive and they need to charge in order to be in business. One rule of thumb when choosing a publisher is if they publish your poem without asking for + 850 more characters
Dear Bob L, Goggle: American Poet's Society, Voices Net, The Christian Online Magazine, Creative Communication, Famous Poets Society, Friendly Poets along with The International Library Of Poetry. Th + 2095 more characters
I remember when being a citizen of this country filled a child with pride. I can also remember when there was prayer in school and how comforting that was. I can remember when being a Republican or a + 4271 more characters
Thanks to all of you for your posts. I will call the school to make sure the name is spelled correctly. Do any of you live in Miles City now, I noticed Ken Ziebarth lives in Boulder. When we lived the + 162 more characters
Does anyone remember a fourth grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary, this would be back in the 50's, by the name of Miss Curren? I cannot remember if her nane was spelled Curren or Curran. Is there anyo + 446 more characters
Hi everyone, Does Miles City have a food bank or used clothing store for Veterans? If not, is there a need for one in Miles City? My husband and I are moving to Miles City, where I grew up and we woul + 119 more characters
My gosh, you're giving our ages away!!!! I'm 53, grew up in Miles City and I remember all the same things you do! But, I think I have one up on you that you might not remember. Did you ever hear about + 547 more characters
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