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I left the keys to our vehicle hanging in the trunk lock, one day. By the time I realized they were gone, we had lots of ideas about where they went, until.......we started missing gas in the car, and + 312 more characters
Richelle, the Walmart in MC must be a one in a million. My wife has worked in retail sales for 37 years, and in the last 10 years, not one single one of those stores had less than 75% of the employees + 967 more characters
Thank you, Larry and Georgina. We couldn't imagine what anything that looked like the log flumes we are familiar with, would be doing around Miles City. Your description explains a great deal tho; it + 453 more characters
I was talking to someone, who like myself left Miles City a good time ago, and the conversation got around to the "flumes" that we have seen mentioned on the forums. Neither one of us knew where they + 98 more characters
Am I dead? 14 years ago
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We've all received the e-mails that unabashedly told us, that for one reason or another, we have been awarded $XXXX millions of dollars. Normally I immediatly delete these without a second glance, but + 1352 more characters
I had no idea Listerine was that old. The owner of the Dumas brothel, in Butte, says that many Listerine, and Pine-Sol bottels, were found in the basement during excavations. He claims that both produ + 250 more characters
I'm going to be, what I have been for the last 9 years: a very happy bridegroom! My beautiful wife and I, were married on Halloween night. If, I'm not the only one, I have to be one of a very small nu + 128 more characters
Brian, I don't think CNN is resposible for all of the "dead baby" stories lately. If shutting off CNN, would or could, make those stories go away, I'd never have the news on again. My own opinion for + 801 more characters
I'm pretty sure, that I read some where, "No need to settle personal issues via a forum." Can't seem to remember who said it, though?????
I saw Jeff in California, in a small comedy club, early in his career and he only did about 20 minutes of material. He had the abilty to make you feel like he was performing for you alone, which made + 568 more characters
Wendy, I have to leave the suggestions that were made, about what to do with the items we found, to your imagination, but believe me, none of them were as funny as what you suggested! It could have b + 1755 more characters
It isn't always the people with no down payment, and a crappy credit rating, that need a lease to own, type contract. I am proud to say that we have helped several people own a home, that they couldn' + 1029 more characters
Please accept my deepest condolances at your lose. My sister and brother-in-law were killed in the same car accident. They were placed for viewing at about 3 in the afternoon, and we know that most of + 972 more characters
This story isn't about a "Contract for Title," but in concerns trying to remove someone from a house that they don't legally belong in. We rented one of our houses in Butte, to a very nice young man, + 2235 more characters
I was suprized to see this subject so close to the top, when I logged in today. I thought that when Ship got banned, {no tears shed here} that this would very rapidly descend into internet limbo. Coul + 464 more characters
I know that there are several model railroaders within the membership of, but do any of you dabbel in the larger scales? I'd be very interested in communicating with someone that has an establi + 75 more characters
How embarrassing!
Hi Kenny, I see that you do still check in every now and then, but any attempt that I make to reach you via private e-mail, sends it to the old pacbell address, and it gets returned. Would you revers + 78 more characters
Some years ago, in Missoula, I got pulled over for blowing through a Yield sign, at the blistering speed of 17 MPH. Because of the officers attitude, I asked him what his problem was, which promptly g + 2058 more characters
I received this from a friend, online. I don't know who the author is, but I thought it was worth passing on. I watched the flag pass by one day, it fluttered in the breeze. A young Marine saluted it, + 1044 more characters
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