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My Mother, Emma Hansen, taught in an old school house in the Huntley Project. I was told that Uncle Richard tore it down for the bricks. Does anyone have a photo of it and the location? I would like t + 100 more characters
My husband brought home an used Western paperback book by Terry C. Johnston. I found my relatives name in that book, although it was not listed in the index. The story is about the rescue of the Caval + 212 more characters
My e-mail address has changed, it is [email protected] As to Sharon Cunningham's book, I am looking up information on my relative, William F. Schmalsle. So far, I can't find out any information on h + 36 more characters
I just received an article about Albert Gotleib Schmalsle, brother to William Frederick chmalsle. The article said that Albert killed 600 buffalo and took their hides to a Miles City, Montana hide mar + 166 more characters
Dear Amorette: I finally bought the Yellowstone book, over $88., ouch! with two pages on Schmalsle. I just ran a search for Schmalsle letters and I found an article submitted by you, The Terry Tribu + 108 more characters
I just bought a book on Yellowstone Park and I found my relative, William Frederick Schmalsle, with a detailed article of his life, continued from the left page to the right page. Also, when I went + 303 more characters
Dear Amorette: My father lived in the house and the place was called Riverside Gardens. I have a photograph of the house. If you would like a copy of it, let me know. As I have moved to Corvallis, O + 229 more characters
Dear Amorette: I have heard that my relative, William Frederick Schmalsle, owned a cat house or cat houses in or near Miles City, Montana. One was said to be Riverside Gardens. The story goes that Sc + 293 more characters
Beidler, if I am not mistaken, hung the outlaw Big Nose George Parrott that my relative, William Frederick Schmalsle, brought in to jail. Schmalsle was an Indian guide, Scout, and Courier to Lieutenan + 462 more characters
Dear Jori: My relative, William Frederick Schmalsle, was an Indian guide, Scout, and Courier to Lieutenant Baldwin and General Miles. I would like to contact the relatives of Miles and share our gene + 23 more characters
Dear Amorette: Thank you very much for the information on the Protestant Cemetary, name changed to Maple Tree Cemetary and now known as Custer County Cemetary. My relatives are now corresponding wit + 294 more characters
Thanks to the Miles City Public Library, I found out that Theodor Schmalsle is buried in the Protestant Cemetary. However, I ran a search for that cemetary and I can't find any mention of it. Could an + 198 more characters
As to Big Nose George Parott, my relative, William Frederick Schmalsle, brought him into a jail. Parott ended up as a pair of shoes for a Wyoming Governor. I heard that the doctor who got his body had + 557 more characters
I would like to know the name of the cemetary where Theodore Schmalsle is buried, I know it would be near Miles City, Montana. Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Ellen K. Compton
So what is the zip code for Miles City so I can send for your books? Of course, I could look that up but it would have been nice to include it. Sincerely, Ellen K. Compton
I would LOVE to have a copy of that Special Edition on Miles City. I have been doing my genealogy for many years and so far I have 17 books on my family, from my Uncle Dr. Maurice Hillemann to the Old + 196 more characters
As to historical buildings, I just received information about my Uncle William Frederick Schmalsle. It is said that he owned some cat houses in Miles City. Also, that the house at Riverview Gardens wa + 675 more characters
I was wondering if there is going to be a plaque honoring my Uncle Dr. Maurioe Hillemann at the Miles City MT. High School. If so, I would really like to attend that ceremony. Please let me know about + 72 more characters
I would like to buy a copy of "Dusting Off The Old Ones" -- how do I order this book? I am still researching my Uncle William Frederick Schmalsle, Indian guide, Scout, and Courier to Lieutenant Baldwi + 332 more characters
Dear Cheryl: I would love to have copies of those papers concerning General Miles, etc. because my relative, William Frederick Schmalsle, worked for General Miles. Schmalsle was an Indian guide, Sco + 386 more characters
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