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I once googled my name and ended up getting around $40 back from some long forgotten utility deposit. Oooooo, jackpot! But as my mom used to say, "better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick."
I have to put my 2 cents in about the Billings police. A few years ago I was involved in an accident. I swear, not 5 minutes later, the police were there. An officer even gave me a ride home, even tho + 100 more characters
On the other end of the school zone spectrum--I drive by a school every day where the speed limit is 35. 35! And that's only when school is starting and at the end of their school day. Otherwise it's + 44 more characters
Take that times 1000 here in billings!
I've wondered for a while, is twitter just for people with cell phones? I don't have one! I'm such a cave girl.
Just bringing this thread back into the foreground in case any one with a youtube channel might've missed it.
I checked out your channels, Dave and Josh. Pretty cool! Of course I rated the videos I watched with 5 stars. All of them were put together so well. I hope I can get there someday. Still learning the + 26 more characters
I just say that because the last name sound familiar. Seems like there was a girl, maybe Leah Dyba(?) in my class.
Yeah, I graduated in 1993. Do I know you?
I have a couple of Youtube channels. The first one I ever made was a little over a year ago. Just has some videos of my dog and cat. But the other day I decided to finally start vlogging. My user name + 297 more characters
I hiked to the top of Signal Butte once. It was one of the most miserable experiences of my life. Walking up and sliding down on clay pebbles is no picnic at all. So believe me, if it isn't legal anym + 147 more characters
I resolve to start vlogging on youtube, but I haven't quite got the guts for it yet. Anyone have some guts they could loan me?
Oh, and way back up to the MRH message at the top of this thread. Today was in the 20's and it DID feel warm and tingly! I was actually sweating with all my winter gear on.
I was in the 3rd grade when I decided to see if the whole thing was really true. I'm a little slower than you guys, I guess. I kissed a lamp post which was on the playground. No one was around but the + 121 more characters
I love that movie, too! Who doesn't, though? Yeah, there were a couple expletives actually since it was the same problem we'd had with our old furnace. Then he told me to get him a pencil and somehow + 33 more characters
Frank Hardy: I just realized that "flag pole" reply might have sounded a little bit naughty! Seriously, it was completely unintentional and now that I think about it, I have no idea what else I though + 230 more characters
MRH: Looking on the bright side is always a good idea! I'm nervous though because our practically brand new heater just decided to start fritzing out. My husband did some trick on it and assured me it + 93 more characters
Gosh, we don't have a flagpole anywhere near here. What else could I use?
We're all looking forward to the 20 degrees they keep predicting, but the below zero days keep getting stretched out over the forecast.
I just did something stupid and I need to relate just so everyone that reads this remembers to be careful out there. I went outside without gloves and thought, this isn't so bad! Yeah, it was somethin + 497 more characters
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