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I want to bring this back to the top! Wherever this bike is now could never be as important as it was to the victim. It was his only means of transportation! The fact that it was cool was probably why + 401 more characters
Tomorrow Is Almost Here!! Happy Thursday! Friday nite Open Mic. Saturday Music All day! Jammin' all night! Sunday, Gospel Music all day, drawings that afternoon! SEE YOU THERE!!
Why have 2 banjos when Juan banjo will do?
Never leave two banjos unattended............
Thanks again for keeping the post alive. Very nice.
Ours is a family event with good food , pie and friends. It's like a family reunion, only difference is we don't fight. Thanks for keeping the post alive , B
Check with Confluence, that sounds right up their ally!! Very Good, but not right for a bluegrass festival. Thanks for the post, Jim
pick up to top
It's our 17th! Check out the VIDEO on our website! This says it all! url My wish is to see you all there having fun with us! Jim
It costs $85.00 if ya get caught.
The festival was a great success, with record crouds. We already have at least five bands that would love to come back next year. Thank you Miles City for the huge support. And we had countless folks + 171 more characters
ONE small problem, ya shoot em with rifle, they die, but the those little tire bombs are still there until the tires, balls and feet carry them off. Just sayin'......................and I think those + 16 more characters
Thank You for all of your kind posts. I must say, this is the very best festival ever this year. Today will be mostly Gospel music, and the 1st. Baptist is selling "Holy Ghost" meals and and pies all + 465 more characters
Sorry, there are posters all over town with the times and prices or you can check out our website at, milescitybluegrassfestival.com. I was really only trying to remind everyone that it was this weeke + 182 more characters
It's that time again! The grass is turning BLUE this weekend! This year we have established a new record! It is the 16th annual Music on Wings Bluegrass Festival, that makes us the longest running blu + 1893 more characters
Bored? Gee! I hope it wuzzn't wid a boolitt!!
The show was fantastic! I've said it before, I feel sorry for the ones who missed it. You just don't get to see that much talent in one place very often. Thank You to all who supported our efforts.
Gonna be phunn!! See YA there!!
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This is fully restored. Painted in the stock colors. Tires are like new condition. The sun has faded the paint a little bit. Comes with a 3 point hitch, finish mower deck pto driven, and a tail dragge + 277 more characters
Found!! Happy days!!
Lost drill/driver 3 days ago
Did any one find my Skil 18v. drill? I lost it out of my vehicle last week. It had already been broken once, so I patched it up. It might be broken again, but I'd still like to have it back. The batte + 247 more characters
SOLD ! Thanks, Robert
It's a 2004 Suzuki Eiger low miles great tires, Windshield winch and snow plow. I used it last year to plow the church parking lot and even the deepest snow couldn't stop it! It is street legal and a + 236 more characters
RE: Savage 17hmr one month ago
Those are nice guns and lots of fun to shoot, and a pretty good deal!
RE: Savage 17hmr one month ago
That looks cool! Does that make it shoot better? :-)
OK here it is save $2000.00 !! $15,995 take it and run!
still waiting to hear from you. It will be the best bike you ever have!
See it, ride it, make an offer! It could be yours!
i NEVER thought I'd sell my best bike EVER, but I'm finding I need to do so. I'm moving on to a trike so I can continue to enjoy riding.  This bike is what you'd call a cream puff! It's always been ga + 380 more characters