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My bro says I owe him an apology for assuming that he was (is) Bobby if he truely is not the Rob Shipley wanna be, then so be, I apologize. Furthermore, I would like to say goodbye to mil + 577 more characters
I wonder where old "bobby" is today? Could it be he is sitting in a bunker in Jordan drinking good whiskey getting ready to ice fish for two days on ft. Peck? Or could it be that he has been too busy + 45 more characters
You're full of crap bobby. Where did you say you were from you cracker wanna be? Helena?
B boat... You are an idiot. You really think um is full of rapists? You are as stupid as your name sounds.
Your niece will do just fine...just tell her keep wearing her daisy dukes, learn how to "deep throat" a beer bong, and above all else...offer to drive home drunk football players at 2:00 am.
The man had one hell of a mullet back in day. Haven't seen him in at least 15 years, so i am not sure if he still has it, but his mullet used to be the greatest maybe of all time. I would have classif + 123 more characters
Speaking from the far left here...totally in favor of guns of all sorts. Against gun laws in general. I would love to own an AR-15. Sounds like a fun, expensive, way to spend an afternoon. Would like + 370 more characters
Also like to add that I agree with Bob L. about Ms. Wyoming.
Well, Bronco Mania has turned into the foam stuck in an eddy off a polluted river in Weld County. I watched the first 5-10 minutes of the 1st quarter and then went to the Strawberry Hot Springs in Ste + 852 more characters
Any one besides me notice that in not one of the above mentioned tragedies did anyone prescribed medical marijuana play a role. Doesn't it stand to reason that the answer for these "loonies" is to get + 221 more characters
Miles city PD have been doing that as long as I can remember. I learned that lesson a long time ago. Very similar to Scottsdale AZ...where cops mark tires in parking lots of bars and restrauants every + 219 more characters
Well that was bad.
Talk about a good time...wish I was going. Any miles city folks heading over to the stinky city to see one of the best alt country bands in the nation?
The Cats are a fine team. They should go far in the playoffs. Good luck Kittens. As far as the Griz go. [shake my head] I can only hope they started looking for a new coach to rebuild the program. Gr + 41 more characters
I was thinking more "skulls"
Oh how quickly do we forget last year's pounding...I believe the kitties were #1 in the nation at the time????
So this year, they are number 2... Prediction: Cats 34 Grizzlies 38
Another streak over. The mighty griz has finally been slaughtered by a lumberjack in a forest fire
Not having a hot lunch program in the HS is by far the dumbest decision that Miles City Schools have ever made. First off, the feds pay for the whole program. Second off, it would add jobs to the loca + 501 more characters
The Liberty Flames...Jerry Farwell's university. Not sure why we scheduled this game? Couldn't we have booked CU instead?
CU loosing to Sac St was more of a surprise for me. EW almost took care of Wash St as well. Good showing by the BIg Sky yesterday
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