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Wow! He's registered, and we kmow where he is...This seems like a personal attack on someone trying to make a living and get on with their life. How low can you go?
Sincere thanks to all those involved in planning the Reunion. It was amazing fun. Loved the great band at the street dance. Who were they? Terrific musicians, great music! Good to see old friends and + 41 more characters
It is not in the online edition. A brief summary, please?
It sounded like the lead-in to a Bonine joke, so I clicked on it!
She's really not even good for a laugh anymore.
Kacey, I think the right woman would adjust his face!
Joe, this is an Barney Fife! Barney always meant well, unlike Mayor Grenz. Barney was not a power-grabber, unlike Mayor Grenz. Barney had a sense of humor, and when his attention was calle + 454 more characters
Let the petition-signers all move to Texas. Then they can re-name it "Dumbf***istan."
Truly a wonderful article. Thanks for posting it!
Love the results - just sorry that Pam Bucy and Kim Gillan didn't make it! We did it -AGAIN!
At first, I thought you were referring to "Corndog" Burns, our former Senator...Same thing, I guess.
And another deranged birther weighs in! After all, he thinks, "It's the WHITE House - what is a black man doing there?" So tired of the idiocy!
Anyone who would pay to see this movie is an idiot who deserves to waste their money. It is trash, pure and simple.
May I suggest to "I RIDE IN THE STREET" that he/she spend more time in English class than on the streets? Your written skills are very poor, and your spelling and grammar, once mastered, might be a bi + 132 more characters
Good grief, another paranoid yahoo! I think he probably has cornered the market on tin foil hats!
Such a sad ending to his life! I remember Rick as a teen, and he was a whirlwind on the dance floor at Harmony Hangout. He had such zest for life, and such a great sense of humor! My sincere condolenc + 55 more characters
Dr. Carden Hadley was a very dear friend of my family. When he left Miles City, he moved to Wenatchee, WA, but always kept in touch with us, especially my mother, Mary Elting, whom he adored. He passe + 60 more characters
Just downloaded it, and very much looking forward to a great read!
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