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Bridgier.I carry and protect you and others every day.Yes I have extensive training.Past extensive training.Most likely more firearms training than anybody you will ever personally know.Do you have a + 1857 more characters
Well now Richard if you were China you would be able to tell me what to do.If you were China Pelosi would have never been in Taiwan recently.But gladly you are just some other kind of person who tries + 1762 more characters
Now just wait a minute Amorette.Who are you calling a "nut"?You are the person who could not comprehend my post.My previous post or two mentioned people on pills.Yes or No Allison.Very simple question + 213 more characters
Do you have any idea what you are talking about Richard?
Amorette,you need to study up on your reading perception skills.Have to edit.Perception skills are spot on Amorette.Skewed.It is the comprehension that you need to bone up on. [Edited by Felix (8/4/20 + 15 more characters
I have to go a partial with Hanson on this one.And nooooo I do not mean teeth.Hasnson is right,and I did not bother with looking at whatever govt. study was linked either.Don`t need to I was here.That + 1157 more characters
Extremely misleading and inaccurate,but then who believes comic strips anyway.Don`t waste my time asking me to explain it to you.
AR or A R maybe? Stands for Armalite Rifle. Gene Stoner was working for or with Armalite and came up with the AR sometime in the 1950s.It was developed in 308 Winchester and is the AR10.I believe it w + 635 more characters
And exactly what is it you propose Terry?Talking and bitiching is one thing,fielding a workable solution is another thing.I do not have the answer either but have spent a lot of time and thought on th + 2238 more characters
When you get done whining about your broken fingernail I will tell you some REAL horror stories about doing business with century fink. (combination of fail and link)They had 7 or 8 accounts open for + 105 more characters
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