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If we could first know where we are, and whither we are tending, we could better judge what to do, and how to do it," Abraham Lincoln. What is the five year plan for baseball in Miles City? Is the Out + 142 more characters
Deer layer--You'll need to return to the woods. Ash is a fine coach. MSU had better athletes than the Friz. Kramer just never impressed me as a game day coach. Too many let downs in a season. The cupb + 165 more characters
The Pirates and Cards are, like, 20 games below .500. At least they might see Edmunds cry, and I mean real tears, on a called strike 3. Go! Pioneers!
What time of the day will the Pionners roll into Millington? Any ideas for how many MCC fans are attending the games?
ooops, double bump.
Thanks for the info, Jeff, and I'll bump you back where you belong.
Is the news big in Miles City? Or are most people just returning from the fog of the Bucking Horse Sale and not realize what just happened?
Congrats to all of the Pioneers. I was on pins and needles all day. Catley does such a nice job on the radio.
At this point the only thing that will make me feel any better is ANOTHER Cat victory over the Griz next fall. Like you haters, I'm disgusted that anybody would be so stupid to deal drugs to make a f + 252 more characters
Hey Slosh, thanks for chiming in. Please excuse my grandstanding moment. I support MCC because they represent the community of Miles City. I support the high school and middle school in the same fashi + 1172 more characters
Denise--The people you describe are not apathetic, just pathetic. Just kidding (sort of). Maybe I'm the one who is missing the boat, but people in Miles City always seem to be craving something to d + 596 more characters
They have not played with metal bats, yet. Their next tournament, to get into the NJCAA Div. II World Series, will be played with metal bats. Very few college teams, MSU-Billings is an exception, in o + 29 more characters
MCC baseball just "won" their 7th straight conference championship. A big congrats to the players, coaches, and parents. With zero people talking about it on this board and just a few attending the g + 40 more characters
Bill is definately condescending, but he is informed on the issues. The conservative schlemiel, who was on the show with the Governor, was not.
I like him. We try and watch every show. When the gov. was on the show, there was a condescending conservative blowhard on the show that did 90% of the talking for the panel.
I watched the episode and was aghast as well. It goes without saying, but Bush is the epitome of incompetence.
AJS and Rick, I'll eat a little crow. I should have said that our nation became "the" undisputed world leader. The U.S. was the leader, in total GDP, prior to World War 2. What I should have said was + 625 more characters
AJS--our nation was not the most prosperous nation in the world 100 years ago. It wasn't until after WWII, with Europe and Asia in shambles, that our nation became a world leader. Interestingly enough + 326 more characters
And a does your philosphy turn into anarchy?
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