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Jaci, Can you Honestly say that you miss this!?! That sun must have gone to your head. Just joking-we miss you up here, too! Kim
How about..."The truth? You want the truth? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!" Who could forget Jack Nicholson saying this one.
I am glad that the bill didn't pass. I know Katy (snicker's dog) personally and she is a total sweetheart! Even my dad who doesn't really love dogs, loves Katy! Keep up the good work!
Who could forget the wonderful establishment called Munchies? I worked for Ray and Teri Schmidt throughout high school and college and I am so happy that I did. What wonderful bosses! I still wish Mun + 17 more characters
Living in northeastern MOntana now, I'd have to say that I miss the trees the most. Also the wonderful history and beautiful houses.
I am new to Miles, but I grew up in MIles City and I am really enjoying this forum! I too have a "ghost story" to share. My mother and step-father moved to a house near Kircher School after t + 1376 more characters
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