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[deleted] Please Vote. Right now, Miles City ranks #9 and there's only a few days left. If we all vote, and tell our friends to vote, we could be #1. Lets make it happen Miles City! We need it.
I personally believe Jared is a good guy, good cop. He has treated me with respect and did his job.
how much are the fights?
What do you mean every ticket sent in? Are you suppose to send them in?
what are the dates for the fair?
Josh, is there any way you could add sound to the feed?
Directed towards middle school kids: Do you really want to have a toddler when your 16, the age when you're trying to hang out with your friends..trying to be cool..but you're changing big ol pile poo + 152 more characters
I was wondering if a graduation speaker was ever chosen.. My friend has posted a video on Facebook that I think might be good for Miles City youth.. Seems to be a good motivational speaker.. Here's t + 42 more characters
very well said reno!
Hell that makes it worse.. maybe his parents should have been more 'there' for him before the switch in his brain said it was ok to go driving around, at high rates of speed at 2 in the morning.. what + 110 more characters
But the point is he SHOULD be in jail or at least get to sit for a few more hours than he probably did. This same sort of thing that happened last year when a friend of mine lost this life because of + 500 more characters
Q: What did Batman say to Robin before they got into the car? A: Get in the car, Robin. That one always make me smile.. Another one.. Q: How do you make an eggroll? A: Push it.. And finally one more.. + 239 more characters
anyone know who it is? or the story?
What kinda of truck is it.. I've have seen a few on Miles Cam.. Sounds dangerous watch out ppl
Keep us updated.. there's a white truck that keeps driving in front of the Miles cam..
Chuck Norris does not wear a condom. Because there is no such thing as protection from Chuck Norris. Some people wear Superman pajamas. Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas. Chuck Norris is the reason + 119 more characters
haha that makes it even greater.. i mean im glad to hear your ok... but can you image seeing this.. you're leaning back to get an extra strech after long hours at the computer.. you fall, drop a plate + 116 more characters
lmao ahh god.. i bet it woulda been great to see you fall out of that chair tho lol sorry its always funny if ppl fall out of chairs.. makes me smile
Bobby Kenny
what about a beet sounds like it could be interesting.. I remember my dad worked for a guy a few years back i believe the guy lives somewhere in kinsey.. Or maybe Western Industries? Just t + 28 more characters
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