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Thank you for posting access to this extremely well written article. I remember traveling alone on this train as a little girl; the conductor, the dusty seats, the smell of it,the noise of it. Now it + 149 more characters
I attended the show and talked with about 10 exhibitors who were extremely upset about the advertising being taken down over the use of the word "GUN". I just got off the phone with the Lion's Club an + 402 more characters
There are several phone numbers and e-mail addresses under the Ruidoso Noon Lions Club, Ruidoso New Mexico to varify this. Don't do Facebook or get news items off the internet. The newspaper will not + 70 more characters
Gun owners 8 months ago
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Just wanted to tell you: Don't know if this will ever happen in Montana, but here in New Mexico the local Lion's Club hosts a huge annual Gun and Collectible show.They were denied advertisement in the + 116 more characters
Brian Miller, Your photos are moving! They evoke emotion! I favorited a few! Sure miss the Montana skies, thunderstorms and the Yellowstone! You're photos reminded me of my childhood in Miles. Oh! I g + 463 more characters
Webmaster: I agree. You have an eye for fine art! Thanks for showing your wonderful work on Flickr. RCleary: Thank you for your thoughtful comments about my creations!
Yes! So many people don't consider cartoons as serious art, but it IS! You are seriously talented! Show us more!
Richard, Thank you! I looked up Wayne Suggs and his work is beyond beautiful, it's astonishing! My favorite was "Nightstream" and , of course, the "Meteor shower". You have to gasp when you look at hi + 226 more characters
Hi! If any of you do either photography or artwork, have you ever thought of putting your creations on Flickr? I just (after all these years) joined Flickr and it's so easy to navigate. If you would l + 234 more characters
My deepest sympathy for your loss. From the obituary, it seems your Father lived a creative, adventurous life of depth, purpose and honor. I wish I would have known him and seen his sculptures. I know + 37 more characters
To Mary Catherine I don't know you, but I expect, from the Webmaster's letter to you, that your feelings are hurt. I don't often bring up, but when I do, I like reading your posts. They + 1173 more characters
Love the vintage design! Who designed this? Do you have vee-neck? That would be a little more feminine.
Magoo: one year ago
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Hey! Have a wonderful Birthday! Hope all is well!
Odd Job mentioned the Olive Lounge Shooting. Could anyone expand on this? My brother, Dennis Gaer, told me he was in on that, helping the officers. I know nothing about it and my brother has passed aw + 3 more characters
Oh! I didn't see the beginning of it (the 1918)
If he were even born in 1877, he would be 141 yrs old. The numbers don't correlate.
Gunnar the Viking: Take it easy, Gunnar. I won't be demeaned for my personal opinions. Personal, meaning independent of other's and independent of the Angels. I won't use this forum to publicize my bo + 130 more characters
Thank you, Man from Snowy River! Mary Catherine, I looked at the photos, read the signs, saw the anger and read the comments. Some of the comments were quite good! One lady wrote, "People will look a + 1573 more characters
I was looking at your posts about the Women's march and feel compelled to add my unsolicited comment. When did a positive, women enpowering movement become a destructive man-hating, particularly Trump + 1916 more characters
Certainly! I feel they correlate as desired qualities. I wondered if the answers would be gender based. I feel a woman's life is measured not by her accomplishments but by her most wonderful love expe + 352 more characters
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