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Hmm weird mine was all together two orange papers and a purple paper
Ya I got my packet for my son on thursday and he starts the 3rd too
Well I still can't get a hold of them I would like to know if there is a supply list when school starts and all that stuff. My son is so excited to go I don't want him to miss it.please help
Okay maybe I just need to try again every time I call no one answers so I guess I'll try at a different time. Thank you!
My son got into the Monday Wednesday classes and we recently moved to a new house I can't find the paper with her number on it and I think they need my new address and I can not remember when it start + 46 more characters
There were little children in the recital I was talking about them. I understand children that were not in the program that is why I did not bring my son. I see where you are coming from with the adul + 10 more characters
Okay well some people getting up were parents having to go get their children after their dance. I thought that some people were very rude at the recital. I agree that it was hard to see but there is + 477 more characters
dotty comstock lol
this story made me laugh he was gonna let her get her cigarettes i mean come on. no one that was seriously thinking about abducting someone would wait for u to grab ur cigarettes.
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