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I agree with Donna also! I have seen what pets can do. And I have looked into being a rental owner. And I would never let pets be their either. I have pets, I knew it would be hard to find a house. I + 340 more characters
I did it last time. How long does it take to find if you match someone?
How do we apply for a winter coat?
RE: Bed Race 14 years ago
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Can there be more notice so others can join in? I woud have loved to go but I couldn't trade to get it off!
RE: Bed Race 14 years ago
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Well, sounds like it would have been a good one. Wish I was there to see it!
RE: Bed Race 14 years ago
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I agree with the further notice. Not everoney can see a poster while driving. Something on the radio. Starting almost a month early woudl be okay. I am assigned days two months in advaced, so at least + 171 more characters
Have you seen all the owrk that they have done. it is looking really good. I am glad that someone bought it so it would fall apart liek all the other great buildings here in town!
I would chose my dad. He can budget, he is fare to people, honest (even if you are doing something REALLY stupid), and he will help if there is something that really needs help.
Haven't heard anything about this in a while. Just wondering what is happening.... How things are going. And where is at exactly. I want to see it but dont knwo where it is at. Thank you for the updat + 2 more characters
I agree with the 10 days. It doesn't hurt to repost if it hasn't sold!
I personaly have not heard of ANY tickets. Are things better? I really dont think so. ANd I driver around alot with the kids. They like to look at house to buy! (ones 3 and ones 5!)
Thank you Kent! At least someone gets what I am trying to say. That is what I thought they had done in the begning. Wasn'tt here somethign somewhere that there was to be someone out there. Some one th + 160 more characters
I wasnt trying to be like that. I was being truthful. Isn't there someone that is supose to be there. That was the whole reason that the pool was still open. There was to be someone there with a cell + 56 more characters
Solution? Maybe have someone there that is supose to be there. Have that person be there the whole time that it is open. Solution!
I must say there should be something done. Why? B/c I have recived a ticket for my five year old son pee on the side walk. So a grwon man getting away with it is a bunch of BS! I try and tell my son n + 87 more characters
Tina you should have got her! That was just rude!! Her mother should be ashamed for raising such a horid person.
I agree with Tina. I was out there a while ago when she was there. I WONT take my kids there again. I had my three and five year old out there. All there was pushing, shoving, cussing, yelling (and I + 85 more characters
I agree that there are people that are slacking as parents. But there are others out there that are really trying and it doesn't help! I had those "people" at my house just a couple of weeks ago. The + 317 more characters
RE: Bums? 14 years ago
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Here in Miles City I really dont see to many. I always have a thing of peanut butter in the glove box. My husband and father laugh at me. But you know what, I have NEVER had anyone refuse my peanut bu + 203 more characters
I really liked taking the kids there but they really thought there would have been more. Can there maybe a contest for best float next year? With a little $10 sign up fee. Might bring in more floats.. + 2 more characters
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