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My cousin Rob South from I beleive the Class of 89 lost his battle with battle with leukemia yesterday. way to young,he will be missed.
Is Dwayne in Alaska? do you have an Email or any contact # for him? I would really get back in touch with him as well.
Wow! how sad!I really hoped I would cross paths with him again. Thank you for the reply.
I would like to remember Both of my parents, Chuck and Marilyn South who we lost 8 months apart to the day. gone way to soon.
Does anyone have any information on when and how Daryl died? he was from the class of 82, I have looked for him many times on facebook and no luck, his dad passed away in Baker just the other day and + 69 more characters
here is the real deal on the Ted sory, it was the interstate Standard, I worked there with my brther Daryll and Wayne Sandmier. Ted rolled in in his big black Ford Bronco with a friend and his two dog + 357 more characters
Ms Brown I think she was my 3rd grade teacher, she was awesome and she has a brand new red camaro.
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