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Well, Duh!! I've heard that if you don't use it, you lose it. I think mine's been gone so long, I forgot where I left it! Happy Weekend.
John: The Miles City Youth Hockey Association was formed in the fall or Winter of 1984. The first President was Gary Mathews. Others involved at the beginning were Dale Marcil, the Leidholds', Rev.Ra + 992 more characters
It's peepoll ,not pepole!
This is just a thought... In the '80s, there was a major fund raiser in the Miles City area for another public water area. It was known as the Cherry Creek Reservoir project. I know there was a huge a + 161 more characters
After 5 years of living in a state where the "Good ol' Boys Club" dictates to the majority of political dealings, I give Mayor Whalen a big thumbs up! He is enforcing the chain of command. Isn't that + 198 more characters
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