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There were a bunch of old cars dumped at my grandfathers farm/ranch south of town, shoved off a bank into the trees next to the Tongue River. He was friends with Jack of Jack's Body Shop - so I assume + 254 more characters
I don't see any posts with that. ??
Scotterdog, Knock it off please.
Rob one month ago
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Rob. You are flooding the forums. We've talked about this in the past. Please refrain from repetitive posts and slow down new ones when no one is responding, otherwise I'll be forced to curtail your p + 32 more characters
Rob and the Miles City Police each contacted me to ask the thread be removed. To avoid future issues, I did so.
I have most of my email going back to 1995. I searched through it and found this. Posting for entertainment purposes. :P You have to read from bottom up. -----Original Message----- From: Larry Antram + 2495 more characters
It occurred to me, that perhaps I wrote something on here about the Nisqually Earthquake back when it happened ... I searched the site and found a short comment I made, but unfortunately didn't say mu + 188 more characters
That's funny. I forgot about that until now. I think I felt at least 3 when I lived near you in Bellevue. A couple of them were just jolts, but noticeable. My earthquake sensitivity was on high alert + 1074 more characters
Hi everyone. I found this in my genealogy archives. It's a reproduction of an "Illustrated and Historical Edition of the Yellowstone Journal" from 1900. It has lots of old history in it and was quite + 876 more characters
Thanks Hal, but I believe there is already a copy in the History area! url
Hi everyone! I found a photocopy of a portion of "Faded Hoofprints -- Bygone Dreams" in my genealogy archives. The book is impossible to find. For that reason I scanned the pages into a PDF. Should yo + 165 more characters
url url
Oh man, that's bad. : (
url Brooke Windsor I took this photo as we were leaving #NotreDame about an hour before it caught on fire. I almost went up to the dad and asked if he wanted it. Now I wish I had. Twitter if you hav + 101 more characters
I also see that. I assume it has slow frame rate or upload rate or something?
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Thanks, Rob. Glad the Classifieds worked out for you!