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Hey everyone, There was a problem with the server where it was not able to send any outgoing messages. This affected new user confirmation messages, user to user private messages, passwo + 537 more characters
Hey Everyone: We've expanded our community to Discord! Join the official Discord server to chat, share, and stay connected with fellow members in real-time. Whether you're looking to dis + 373 more characters
Those stairs look pretty safe.
Hey everyone, I have a favor to ask. Google requires 100 subscribers to a YouTube channel before certain customizations can be done (such as giving it a better name than "UCrlwlT3NxMxaTY42GwqpsCQ"). + 255 more characters
You can use the search function of this site to find that reference: url Paste the phrase in the search box, hit the find button, and it will yield this: url Which provides a link to here: url Now, as + 1334 more characters
You can edit the page to correct it, or add the KIKC tower.
Jack's sounds like an IGA or Safeway. There was an old arched building on the north side of Main Street before the Pine Hills corner that was an IGA or Safeway.
OMG, I can't take any more of Jerry's blathering bullshit. Go find somewhere else to spread your mind-numbingly stupid posts.
Sorry for the downtime over the last hour. I moved the site to a new server and ended up wrestling with DNS. Everything should be okay now, but that doesn't mean I didn't break anything in the process + 194 more characters
Oh boy...
Is the karmatic nature of the Universe finally speaking?
You can click "vote tally" (bottom left corner of a post with votes) - and it will show who voted what.
Damn, I was too late. I would have gave you $30.
Best Limerick Ever!!
Donald Trump is coronaviral: his brain's in a downward spiral. That pale nimbus of hair proves there's nothing up there but an empty skull, fluff and denial.
I'm kind of thinking he's more like the Ford Pinto of presidents.
In reading up on that, it looks like the event brought in 5.6 million. He took 2.8 million. A bunch of shady stuff happened. Then was sued by The State Of New York for illegal conduct. JANUARY 28, 20 + 1416 more characters
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