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May I ask what league of mc baseball you are referring to? i.e. minors, majors, babe ruth, ect?
Lots and lots of hair spray and other hair products!
We'll be there and help spread the word! Good idea!
It's open mic tonight, and the music will continue until there are no more participants! Go out and enjoy the festival!!!
Our own experience~ we recommend C & T spraying or Evergreen. I think either of these companies would give free estimates as well.
Larry Tucker Memorial Harvest Dinner will be held this Sunday, Oct. 24th, 2010 ~ Trinity Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall **Serving dinner from noon until 2:30 p.m. MENU: Roast Beef, Ham, Mashed potato + 203 more characters
you could go to her studio and talk to her. It located on the same block as Miles City Vision, State Farm, ect.
If the email address was copied correctly on the above post, the sick twisted individual who falsely stated finding the poor dog,,, looks like his email is with a school district??? That scarey in and + 57 more characters
[/i] Amorette? Steve? When a question is directed to me,,,,,, I can understand the mayor preferring to answer his own questions, but I guess I don't understand why the "City Grant Administrator" wasn' + 43 more characters
7:00 a.m. @ Trinity Lutheran by the high school. Breakfast served immediately after service.
Spacekace, You beat me to it! Don't anyone worry, Bobby was there and fully armed with scanner in hand.
"Redrum!!!! REDRUM!! Jack Nicholson - The Shining
Amorette, which house was it that Harry Horton lived in on Main? And, is he any relation to the Hortons that were teachers at CCHS for years? Just curious
ZEW, just a question as obvious as it may be. You weren't raised here were you? However, I must agree about many of your points. I've lived here for over 40 yrs, and alot of what you say is true. My + 195 more characters
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