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I guess, don't read them.
Rock On, "Ship".
Thank You Gentlemen for the explanation. Just believe everyone should be allowed to respond to accusations made. Have a Good Day.
So why would that thread be deleted so quick before he had a chance to respond? Just saying.
Was wondering if Rob Shipley was going to get a chance to address all the Trash Talking about him from "To Whom It May Concern" but I guess it's not meant to be.
My father George Keller played there in the early to mid fifties as well.Had a radio show from there on Saturday nights. Played with Buck Konkright Lindy Ness and a few others I can't remember. The st + 72 more characters
By the way, Let's hear an AMEN for Colette. She hit it right on the head.
Hell, if those walked by and he didn't react somebody better take his pulse because he must have croked.
Having been raised in Miles City I know that the Winters are long and boring but you folks really do need to find something else to do besides Butch "Bashing" to idle away your time. Any questions you + 186 more characters
David, Frontier Gasateria was where Mac's Frontierland is now. There was a string of cabins there also to rent. The Joritz family moved their from Chicago and operated it. I ran around with one of the + 77 more characters
Amorette, What ever Gary Mundon did or didn't do has nothing to do with the Stardust article from 1961 about the wreck they were all in. I doubt you were even around back in the day and didn't even kn + 354 more characters
An AMEN for Michael's comments. It also appears that most of the "Butch Bashing" come from the folks that don't even use there real names.
So Mary, did you observe this first hand or just hear say?
Having known Butch for the last 50 plus years I for one think he is a stand up guy. He probably ruffled some feathers on some folks when he was Mayor so they start Butch bashing. I think he tells it l + 282 more characters
If it's not broken don't fix it. Being from Miles City you have to like the gossip and the conversations that go on. Always interesting.
How about the grocery store down on 7th and Washington St. rite alongside the Tracks where the Beacon Tire shop used to be? Can't remember the name of it tho. Senior moment!!!
Lorin, The Powder River Club if I remember also had little rodeos out back didn't they on the weekends? It was between Miles City and Terry.
Let's not forget Leon Park from back in the day.
Hey Jay, A&T was on the corner of Main because the Coke bottling plant was rite behind it on Main St. There was a Parts store where you said on Pleasant St. but that didn't go in until later on. Tom F + 118 more characters
Back in the day it was also the A&T auto supply store owned by Johnsgard ( Senior )
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