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Does anyone know of anywhere in MC that I can take the hubby to be measured for a suit for a wedding? I don't trust my own measuring enough to try on my own. Thanks for any info!
Oops, I missed the update earlier.
The Amber alert has been cancelled, they found the baby. url
I must admit, I never expected this thread to include an apology. That totally redeemed my view of this car wash & employee! Thank you for the apology! That takes character and,frankly, guts. For once + 192 more characters
I had a similar experience a little while back and even heard an attendant screaming at someone near the vacuum area something about "what do you think you are doing?!" - I was in Albertson's parking + 231 more characters
I also would be curious/interested
One vote for YES
Praying! Good to hear the delivery went well - now for another miracle!
A BIG THANK YOU is definitely in order! What a great night! I am very impressed with all of the staff and volunteers. My kids had a blast! I think this should become a weekly thing! Okay, maybe annua + 43 more characters
Cool! Thanks!
What the "Surprise" kids matinee movie for the 27th is? I think they were announcing it today. Thanks.
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