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Just one question. When Romney is elected president, can we then blame obama for the mess we are in. Just wondering
I love this place. If the majority of the people rule and dont follow your thinking, you call them all idiots. Comeon now.
At least Joe is honest and does not use his position as mayor to get them dismissed. He is an honest man and he makes the mayor position honorable. Larry
Herbie, I take offence to that remark you made. KYUS has supported many things in this community including being a partner with the duck races and walleyes unlimited among many other things. If you ev + 368 more characters
Just listen to 92.3 and we will have it on when the decision is made and will be repeated often durning the day. thanks Larry
Yes it it ;in the Montana Room with a new entrance from the bar. I dont think they are taking reservations now but you can wait in the bar until a table comes up. It is great food and hope you all lik + 84 more characters
Finally, the new Montana Steakhouse is open. Located next to the Montana Bar, it is open sunday thru thursday 4-10 and 4-11 on Friday and Saturday. Serving Eastern Montana beef along with seafood,pork + 162 more characters
Just read that the National Weather Service issued a Flood warning for northern Custer County including the City of Miles City. The ice is jammed just east of the bridge and with the warm weather toda + 65 more characters
David, for your info, i work at a radio station and you would be suprised what i made this year. I wont say it here, but if you really want to know what my income was, call me at kyus 234-5626. I am n + 273 more characters
The Democrats today voted not to accept the extentions of the the tax cuts. This means that all of our taxes will go up. Just because they do not want to compromise with the Republicans. I myself am s + 193 more characters
you can also listen to Ben Hill and Rob Pierson on and if you cant go to the game, sloppy joes and chips will be in the bACk room of the montana bar at 1PM on saturday. A radio will b + 83 more characters
Nicole is trying to find him and get his ass in gear. Nicole's also does tux rentals and formal wear for sale. She can also do cakes and does a wonderfull job. Get with Nicole at 234-4481 and she will + 21 more characters
I talked to Baxter on the phone and did an interview and will be heard at different times on kyus. He is very excited to be coming back to Miles City. Hope everyone goes.
the historic montana bar has 3 flat screens
if you need alterations, Nicole's here in miles city does a very good job. located at 12 north 9th street.
Kim Worm 13 years ago
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does anyone have any more info on the accident that severely injured Kim this weekend. He is in Billings hospital with some bad injuries. I heard he was on his bicycle and was involved in some acciden + 2 more characters
I usually don,t comment on political threads but this is getting to out of hand. First you have the democrats who do nothing but cut down the republicans and their families. The continue to do this ev + 586 more characters
yes they are going to give $20 for each ticket sent in. The commissioners are meeting to find out how to go about it. Just listen to the media and we will let everyone know where to send the tickets. + 5 more characters
the fair board are having a meeting on tuesday night to find how to go about this. keep your ticket stubs and listen to 92.3 in the morning and we will have the latest update. larry
Just a note to say that the concert was canceled by the promotor and not the band. I had the oportunity to introduce the band and i had to tell the audience that it was canceled by shouting from the s + 264 more characters
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