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Krissy was my best friend in grade school,we were always together getting in to things we wasn't suppose to .I couldn't believe when i found out about her death , to young to be gone. I use to go see + 289 more characters
My Dad... David Kuchynka SR. ................ My Best Friend Growing Up Krissy Walker............... My Aunts Loretta De Glopper...............MY Aunt Maggie DiBenedetto...............Thinking of you + 22 more characters
I don't remember much about my aunt Maggie DiBendetto i was very young when i met her and her family came out to Miles City.My mom Delores Kuchynka is her sister and she just found out not to long ago + 184 more characters
Just to let you know how very sorry we were to hear about Kathy's passing ,Iam Bobby's Aunt from Georgia , Bobby's Step-Grandma lives out here too, and we just wanted to let you all know how deeply so + 92 more characters
My dad has been gone 12 year's as of may 27th (1997). I miss him alot, Father's Day is alway's hard, Thanksgiving,and Christmas those were his favorite holidays. One day we will met again,tell then re + 105 more characters
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