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LOL Bridger! Too true! Major Pain is Brian's Stepdad. And I was a total puppet.
Why keep wallowing in this? Eric Brandt and Alice Maloney are horrible people. They screwed many people, and maliciously slandered others. Is there some kind of enlightenment to be found in celebratin + 437 more characters
Awww! I thought this post was about me!
First, you take the chicken. Then you put it in the basket. Then you got the chicken in the basket! Bork bork! I know you said you like your steaks, but I know an easy fettuccine sauce recipe. Take 8 + 437 more characters
'I don't think it's firm enough. Here, you squeeze it and tell me what you think.'
Josh, Stoned people in houses shouldn't throw glasses. If you need your friends to 'back you up' because you're being picked on, maybe it's a good idea to not pick fights.
I'm 26. I know who he is. But I also love that period in American Literature.
He wrote Catcher in the Rye.
Photoshop epic FTW
I think this says it all.
I use pristine improperly. Other than that I'm good.
This hat is amazing.
I would bet on Denise's productivity too. I'm pretty sure she graduated from high school... massive educational joke or not.
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Chuck Norris destroyed the periodic table because he only acknowledges one element. The element of suprise.
What's so wrong with being a member of the National Association of Marlon Brando Look Alikes?
Just finished 'The Work of Wolves' by Kent Meyers. Fantastic fiction based in South Dakota near the Badlands. Beautifully descriptive and dynamic story. Reminds me just a little of Steinbeck. Meyers i + 35 more characters
Jim, It amazes me that as a man that graduated high school in the seventies, you know more about computers than your nephew William. LOL
The rotary and outlaw baseball sites were administrated by Eric Brandt. Pull them.
Is it all your game discs or just one?
It's like a baby's arm holding an apple...
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