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I agree. Miles City has a lot to offer, let the people here have a say not just a few.
I cannot believe what I read in the paper last night,that they have withdrawn Miles City's name for the hall of fame.I think that the people of Miles City should have a say as to wheather it is built + 48 more characters
I also say this is very sad news.We have lost a someone who truly loved Miles City.I knew C.W for many years ad we had some fun conversations when ever we met. Rest in peace,and all my prayers are wit + 39 more characters
hope he gets well fast...and by the way does anyone know how the cowboy is that hit the bucking shoot on Saturday it looked very bad but they never said how he was..
Cassie, So sorry for your loss. We know what it is to loose a son as we lost our son and brother 14 years ago but it never seems to go away, it gets a bit easier as time goses by so all our prayers + 91 more characters
amber, thank you so much for your comment. it is nice to hear those things from people.
I too work at Wal-Mart. I have been there for 10 yrs. I really believe in customer service and try hard every day to give it my best. The pay is very good for Miles City. For almost all of those 10 yr + 401 more characters
I know how orders of protection are given but she tried to get one and she was told no because he had not threatened her life,but then again so did Marie Sparks and now they are both dead..And I reali + 247 more characters
yes it was Hazel and here is another time when a woman was trying to get a restraining order and could not because the police said that her husband had done nothing to endanger her life now she is dea + 73 more characters
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