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My son is there and I also ask why !!!!!!!!!
Are you a collector of these covers ??? Iam not sure how many I have, but one is dated 1928 and I think it is a First air flight cover from(or out of) Miles City and two pilots have signed on it and s + 146 more characters
unused stamps Any one out there know something about these items???
I would also be interested in this. What type of books do you read ???
I have used unused dryer sheets in tractors and farm equipment that sets all winter and have NO mice in them ( Iam sure it helps that I have a couple barn cats)just put in the glove box , under the se + 55 more characters
I am wondering where that BARN is located ???
Thanks for all the feed back ! It is very important to me as I am going to be buying a new stove and wanted to know if I might like a glass/ceramic top !! the feed back helped alot THANKS again !!!!
I would like the pros and cons from anyone who has owned or used a glass or ceramic top(or whatever the new ones are made of) electric cook stove. THANKS
Ryan you would like it you were the driver!!!! the crowd I was in was a mix of all ages and NONE of them LIKED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amorette if it makes you feel any better Iam into my 5th week, 6 days of missed work, 3 trips to the doc and still coughing so you hang in there !!!!!!
I would like to remind those folks who drive to and from South Gate when you pull out in front of someone coming into town (from the south) their speed limit is 55mph and does not change until the mot + 53 more characters
Brian A Reed I DO NOT understand why you would even read a forum on a subject you don't believe in ????
THANKS for all the info. I will be sure to make it there to try the beer!!!!!
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Help !!!!! Awile back there was a discussion on where the equipment from Old Milestown Brewing went (I couldn't fine it) so I would like that info again. Also are they brewing the same beer for sale ? + 6 more characters
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