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Fredi, I appreciate your apology and of course gladly accept it. I too apologize for flipping you off. That is so out of my character. It started out a rough day and the garbage issue was the straw th + 83 more characters
I went to Big Sky Car Wash this morning to clean and vacuum my car, half way through cleaning out the car, the attendant came out and told me I would have to take the garbage out of the dumpster and p + 534 more characters
Way cool! Gave me goosebumps!!!! Thanks for sharing!
"Room" it was a greAt book that challenged my reading comfort Level! Allso just read "unbroken" by Laura Hillenbrand, it was truly Amazing!
Suppose children were treated like any other aged human....a child can be abused physically, sexually, mamed to incapacity, and the perpetrator gets what, 5-10 years. If you shook an adult so hard tha + 326 more characters
You can get your flu shot at the Health Department. They are open late on Wednesdays until 6:00 so everyone can get in! Not all flu vaccines contain thimerisol (the mercury derivative) and the HD carr + 47 more characters
Bra's & Boxers for a Cause is on Saturday October 2nd!!! Doors open at 5:30 and the live auction starts at 7:00! PLEASE bring any entries that you have to the Health Department ASAP!!!! Call 874-3377 + 20 more characters
Wendy thanks for the correction, unfortunately the signs are made and being sent grammatical error and all! Bras & Boxers is put on by the South Eastern Montana Health Coalition. All proceeds go to he + 372 more characters
The 5th annual Bra's and Boxer's for a Cause will be October 2nd at the Omni Center! The theme this year is COUPLES! Use your creativity and decorate a Bra and/or Boxers to be modeled at the event, or + 389 more characters
I would love to see and enormous tax on cigarettes, even more that already. Smoking benefits no one. And those who smoke don't realize how offensive it is to everyone around them. There is nothing mor + 407 more characters
I will check. I had the same thought since it is high in protein and fat, it is a good source of nutrition for them. Thanks for the supplies you donated! And thank you Murrey Selk for your donation as + 33 more characters
I always remind all of the people I counsel that anything you can get down there (genitals) you can get up here (mouth)....So is oral sex, sex? Yes
Do they know how they feel about sex and where are their boundaries at? If teens and pre-teens don't have boundaries set, it is easy to go too far without realizing that maybe you didn't want to after + 91 more characters
What do you want to be when you grow up? Could you become that if you didn't finish high school? Did you know that two out of three teen moms never finish hs? ( Do you know where to + 38 more characters
Toni- Thank you SO much for your donation! I truly appreciate it!
Thanks for your replies. The group I am going with will have security and fortunate to be well established in Haiti. We will have many Haitians working with us in the way of Doctors, Nurses, translato + 579 more characters
Thanks for your replies -Kender, any formula is wonderful, as long as it hasn't been opened and isn't expired then they will let it into the country. -Toni, thanks, I will be there the rest of the wee + 246 more characters
Thank you! I am very excited. I went in 2007 and am stoked to be going back. I am grateful to get the chance to go....and for a very supportive husband who will stay home and take care of the kids!
I am going to Haiti April 19-28. I am going as a RN with a group of other nurses and doctors. We will be going to some of the more remote areas that have not received as much aid as of yet. Anyone who + 633 more characters
Definitely Mexico Lindo! Great Food, homemade salsa, and the best Margaritas in town!!!!
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