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I know. I sure wish that Miles City had some small independently owned specialty stores to shop in. It might cost a little more, but it would more than make up for that in variety and service. ...in a + 12 more characters
When I went to Brown Institute for radio broadcasting in 1978 the word that caused the most concern amongst my peers was how we in Montana pronounce "interest" or "interesting". We use 3 syllables + 338 more characters
From this Genoa website:url The city's park covers 32 acres and has picnic shelters with barbecue grills, camping facilities with electrical hookups, playground equipment, heated swimming pool, two li + 265 more characters
Teeter-totter marathon was in the Miles & Ulmer window. Donny Brown was one of the participants.
Hoyt Axton.....yeah.
A story with a very sad ending.
This is a prime example of why contributing heavily to only one party is not a good idea.
What did Xena ever do to you or your wife?
Ralph Hartse is one of my favorites. Among the more interesting were Dr. Carl Luther and his "penny for your thoughts" actions. John Potts, giving his "Not related to Pans" intro. Spent several nigh + 77 more characters
My dog had this to say: "Bark bark, ruff ruff, woof. Bark!" You can use it....just credit Sparky.
Nope. Remember the word romantic comes from the Roman "antic" and is defined by "clowning amongst the ruins", so the ending can be disastrous, but must include a clown, or at least a passing Bozo refe + 6 more characters
url Officer Matches Wits With Worst November 10, 1987|JERRY HICKS | Times Staff Writer James A. Sidebotham, chief investigator for the Orange County Sheriff's Department in the Randy Kraft serial murd + 2313 more characters
David Schott had some great photos of the school on flickr, but I cannot find them right now. I believe he had one of the tunnel to the bowl.
I don't think you have anything to fear with this message getting airtime. It is a hate-filled, extreme interpretation of a fundamentalist teaching that damns everyone to an eternity in hell except fo + 186 more characters
I just wanted to point out that the latest attempt at humor on the Readers Digest site that bears the name michael wallick was not made by me. After the reaction my last attempt at humor received, I t + 203 more characters
Levi, I watched. Yuk. All 7 available parts. What a great documentary about a disgusting group of people. I firmly believe that Fred Phelps is a closet homosexual trying to compensate for his inner + 297 more characters
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