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So Nancy Pelosi has five children and had to have the big jet to fly. Our Governor and Vice Presidential nominee has five children and SOLD THE PREVIOUS GOVERNOR'S BIG JET ON EBAY and drives her SUV b + 14 more characters
Ken Minnow -- Bruce Benti says that if you are interested in getting rid of your agates check on June and Curtis Philafer or Ray Baker there in Miles. You can use Bruce's name. Bruce says he would loo + 42 more characters
Because its the oil companies who retain the NATURAL GAS too. It would be interesting to see what rhetoric we were fed in the 70's so that we built the Alaska Pipeline. That oil and gas goes overseas + 650 more characters
Ted and Steve -- I haven't been reading the threads for long, so was pleased to hear that they can be civil. I usually notice the post name and figure that if they don't have the guts to use their nam + 51 more characters
Was watching America's Got Talent and there were brothers playing fiddle and I remembered DOUG KERSHAW!! Anyone else like fiddle?
No thanks -- have no desire to be any sort of comrade of yours!
Well, my civilization has Nordstroms, JC Penneys, Cattle Company, PERMANENT DIVIDEND CHECKS, an INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, an Air Force Base, A professional hockey team, football team, just to name a FEW + 174 more characters
Well, I guess some people live in the Matrix and some live in reality,
Can't wait to see the next session! This is really fascinating. When we built our home here in Girdwood, Alaska, we looked into a few alternative building methods. Ended up buying a Viceory Cedar Home + 109 more characters
As I said, Sweetbriar was the best boutique!! I spent alot of money in there. Fred Gedney, what a special guy, I remember he always played Santa Claus and when my brother got old enough that people w + 234 more characters
I had great plans of making it, but seems that long range plans never work out for me. I am a spur of the moment girl. I hope you all have a great time, I'll be thinking of you. I am sicker than a dog + 296 more characters
Spit wads and Mr. Milroy was 6th, I was at Garfield for 5th grade.
Are you saying Broke Back Mtn?
Oh yeh, the pranks. In 6th grade, Mr. Milroy's class, some of the guys made these big spit wads and flung them to the ceiling with their rulers where most stuck quite nicely. It took Mr. Milroy a whil + 104 more characters
I'm with you Chippy!
So will she be Obama's running mate and get to continue?
Seems you read whatever you want into a statement. My statement isn't against gays -- I have some very good friends that are gay -- I'm not even against them having insurance or getting married -- my + 262 more characters
Well, I'm not saying that they shouldn't get coverage, I am just saying that that is what this is really all about, so if you are going to argue you should argue from a realistic viewpoint -- not from + 636 more characters
More Claims my love.
Mr. Milroy was awesome -- I had him in 5th Grade at Roosevelt -- I had read every book in the school so he brought me books from his personal library and introduced me to Penrod and Sam and Booth Tark + 171 more characters
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