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The current staff provide shitty customer service. I'm in the process of moving my accounts.
turkey and cheese sandwich Turkey Tetraziini spelling? Turkey Vegetables and Dumplings
Thank goodness!
11:20AM Our gauge measures 1.87".
Jeff: If Biden didn't keep Trump's deal, you'd be bitching that Biden left our soldiers in harms way in an unwinnable war.
My mother has been following this. She doesn't have an account, so I am posting for her. Cowboy Carlson also married Ramona Kromlich. They had two children, a girl named Mona Carlson who was in first + 216 more characters
Call the police non-emergency line (406-232-3411) and lodge a complaint. They will probably ask you to sign it. Also, ask your neighbors if they are willing to lodge the complaint with you.
A 'famous bowl' of what? LOL puff puff pass
We had a grand total of 3. Since I bought a bag of 150 fun-size candies, we have a lot of chocolate to eat.
Nice ad hominem!
Is that why they call it a Vennerial disease!?
I guess the toast was buttered on both sides.
cubby has no sense of nuance.
Careful Carol H., your white privilege is showing. How many people of African-American decent do you know? Of those, how many are good friends? You are an anachronism.
Alternative medicine in a former convent! Does anyone else find this funny?!
A dime bag could get you high for a week.
Exacerbate ex·ac·er·bate ig'zas?r?bat/ verb make (a problem, bad situation, or negative feeling) worse. "the exorbitant cost of land in urban areas only exacerbated the problem" synonyms: aggravate, w + 46 more characters
More schadenfreude.
Most of us liberals are smart enough not to participate in your schadenfreude.
BBS...the beginning of cyber sex! How many people used to mimic the sounds of the modem in anticipation?! Or is that just me? :g: [Edited by Kelly (9/24/2016 10:27:58 PM)]
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