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How long has the "Tatro Street Project" been going on? For as long as I can remember, that has been one of the worst paved streets there. I'd rather drive down to Truscott or go up to Leighton or even + 600 more characters
Thank you! Now does anyone know who the main band is for the concert? It says Chuck Wicks May something 2010 lol
Does anyone have any information on any of the events yet? I wanna try to make it up there for the graduation and bhs but I also need to figure out how much time I need to schedule off and if I should + 151 more characters
And I thought the people here in Missouri were crazy... I'd love to see the southerners last a winter in Montana. I'd grab a , my lawn chair and enjoy the show
Sad to say but I miss that smell Nothin like the wind blowin when ur walkin into walmart and it hits you like a ton of bricks. Walmart parking lots here dont smell lol.
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