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Just tried the Sam Adams Lat. 48 IPA. It is pretty darn good! With having said this, i got a strange smell from my feet. Co-workers threw my boots outside, and I have fought this "smell" since I had t + 225 more characters
Richard, Darn it, we came in second. However, we just voted in a "Legacy" account that a percentage of oil tax revenue will go into savings, and can't be touched for 10 years!! I do believe that we wi + 120 more characters
My taste buds are a rolling!! I am currently drinking the antelope, and I am very excited, but do I have to drive all the way to the western side of the state to enjoy this ice cream! "It is just so c + 58 more characters
Brian, I once would agree with holding out till we are the only ones left with massive oil and gas reserves, even though I support my family by working in the oil industry. However, when THAT day come + 195 more characters
Hey Amorette, I saw this topic on this website that made fun of teabaggers, because they spelled words wrong on protest signs. I forgot who exactly started the topic, but I noticed that YOU spelled "C + 115 more characters
Ken, The rule of thumb that we use is 10 degrees every 100ft. I was on a steering job 3 weeks ago, and was amazed that they can drill through existing casing to get into the bakken. This well was orig + 158 more characters
This thread is making me drool for the Redhead IPA, which is definitely in my top three, especially since the beer distributor here in ND has decided to discontinue Big Sky IPA. All that I can find in + 290 more characters
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