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Or maybe they did...ever think of that?
He probably figures there are more important things to cover than a local building being erected. I mean he probably wants to put a tree or someone with a banjo on the cover instead of actually cover + 64 more characters
This isn't even close to white washing history, or maybe it is exactly white washing history, because these monuments were erected by a group, United Daughters of the Confederacy, whose only intention + 1713 more characters
The current director of the Chamber is an awesome person. The things he has helped do in MC in just the last year is amazing. I would advise you do not speak of which you do not know. Also did you rea + 364 more characters
By the way, I read the transcript of her meeting in Great Falls with Montana educators and that was as terrible of a performance by a politician that there could be. She was there to talk to educators + 2571 more characters
What I love is Denise Juneau had the position for 8 years, nothing controversial ever happened, she was rarely in the news about policy, mainly just about things they were doing to help education in M + 400 more characters
Disappointing...I think the first one of the two big pizza chains, Dominos or Papa Johns, to build here is going to find a gold mine. Personally I like Papa Johns better, but I was excited to see Domi + 27 more characters
This better not be the case...that is a wonderful area and needs to be open to the public.
We can't get complacent!!! While we need to get all the Democrats elected, and turnout will really help no matter what, the one I think it will help the most is Denise Juneau. So we have to get out th + 242 more characters
I am going to vote for Steve...I have known him for quite some time now and I trust him to vote for his constituents in MILES CITY, and not fall prey to party politics. Ken voted with his party and di + 307 more characters
I also wonder what he did in regards to the Quality Schools Grant program that was to help Montana schools with repairs and upgrades to their facilities. This program was killed by the legislature, an + 501 more characters
Game is on Friday at 7:00 at Rocky Mtn College, where BC is now playing all their home games. Here is a link to the Class A Championship bracket: url
I also think not having gale force winds blowing across the field would also help MC against BC. At that game if you were going towards Poly Drive you could have thrown the ball directly at the right + 410 more characters
MC needs to be able to run the ball, especially as the weather has more and more potential to be like last Friday night. They can't count on perfect weather every time they play the rest of the season + 765 more characters
After doing some Facebook snooping it appears that the facility is under new management.
Ok, does anyone even understand the moronic rantings in this post? The only thing I remotely sounded sane I will respond to: Natives stole territory from each other, it was the Europeans that killed + 133 more characters
That is the story of this country's history...this country was settled by immigrants from other countries of which a lot of them victimized children in this country once they got here, so do we need + 485 more characters
From Snopes: url [Edited by MCMT59301 (6/20/2016 3:46:24 PM)]
You seem to not understand what is going on here. You and your husband have every right to share your beliefs with the world, and guess what the world has the right to react to your beliefs. Then as a + 1178 more characters
If a Christian puts the old testament over Jesus, I think that makes them Jewish does it not? If you pick the old testament over Jesus why bother believing in Jesus? Plus if you are going to accuse so + 73 more characters
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