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John Whitbeck
Ken Toole is indeed the son of K Ross Toole's and a former Public Service Commissioner. [Edited by Tande (3/5/2017 4:30:24 PM)]
I was told by Midrivers that if you have a flat screen TV made after 2006 you would not need a box. Only the older TVs with analog need them.
Was curious about rainfall totals in the area?
One sad note is that the Log Cabin bar will not be used in the renovation. It will be sold. Looking forward to this new and exciting business.
The Redimix is owned by Jeremy Pyle. The Rendering plant west of town is behind Singleton trucking. They may know who owns it.
EAGLE CAM 6 years ago
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Looks like the eagles may have they first egg.
Sorry to report but the little Hyslop boy passed away in July 1941.
Time for the "Good ole boy" to retire.
The other body of water could be the Miles City Fish Hatchery. The canal comes off of their ponds. The best place to catch big cats is the Tongue. Try 12 Mile. Its a beautiful recreation area.
1. I dont live or recreate in North Dakota. 2. Unless you have the ability to change the Montana state constition, I will continue to enjoy the Yellowstone. Carl these are your words " I started this + 278 more characters
Carl wrote "Its things like this that gets the unwanted attention of those that are looking at banning Jet Skies from the river". Just who Carl are these people, or is it just you that seems to have a + 256 more characters
In Ikes post earlier it says Whites Motel Yellowstone Valley, so am thinking that must of been the one past the Crossroads.
Nothing left except for a part of the front building. I think there may have been a fire that destroyed part of it. Do remember it though as a kid.
David could the Whites motel be the small one that was past the Crossroads on Valley Drive East? Elwyn and Marie Bastian lived their in the 80"s or so.
The service station was behind the Sagebrush and faced Leighton. The Niklas was on the other side like you stated on N Jordan across from the old hospital now Cornerstone. Only one house remains there + 123 more characters
The Flaming Arrow was/is located just east of the underpass. It now is known as Neva's. It was purchased and remodeled by Neva and Randy King. Now owned by Eastern Mt Mental Health Center. The Sagebru + 334 more characters
Maybe the Good state of Montana says it best: Public Stream Access In 1889, Montana was granted statehood and the U.S. Supreme Court under the federal Equal Footing Act granted to states ownership of + 793 more characters
Gunner I am confused. The business Tongue River Millworks has no employees and I can guarantee doesn't support Obama Care. Are you sure you have the correct one?
The mayor should be ashamed of himself. He brought up items that had nothing to do with the capabilities of the fire chief. He has had a vendetta for years against MCF. He opened a big can of worms an + 34 more characters
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