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Your right Steve I don't think it needs stirred anymore. In the future I hope matters can be handled in a more professional manner. If anything can be learned it's that this is not the correct place t + 293 more characters
It's great when sarcasm and condescending comments are used in response everyone becomes all defensive. Let's not forget the title of the thread is Barney Fife. Started by Mr. Schott described as a re + 1590 more characters
Bond is a funny thing a $15,000.00 bond can be posted through a bonds man for a measly $1,500.00. State law sets the amount of bond for particular crimes. And the Eighth Amendment - Prohibition of exc + 424 more characters
Thank you Cory for piping in with actual facts. If you photograph a federal building it can be considered suspicious. The Police Department is also a federal building. Had something happened and a cri + 418 more characters
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